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Graphite EPS Beads Machine
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Graphite EPS Beads Machine

New research and development of graphite  EPS production line adopts the scientific design of extruder extrusion equipment. Has the rich production experience and parallel double screw design of advanced ideas, through the uniform temperature of the heat exchanger, the hole is not blocked, make the finished products with perfect quality.

PET production line

Feininger extruders are designed to ensure high performance, low energy consumption, durability and versatility for companies in the plastics industry.Each production line is modular and every detail can be customized, thanks to Feininger's accessories and machines: the best technology to ensure high productivity and long-term stable performance.

Technical Data

Graphite EPS, EPP, EPE, ETPU Beads Extrusion
Model Extruder type Max screw speed Max drive Output
Blowing Agent(Gas) Diameter of beads(mm) Required Space
ES75T TE75 120-280 90kw 400-600 Co2 / HFC / Pentane / Butane   30m*6m*8m
Es95T TE95 120-280 165kw 600-1200   40m*8m*8m
Es110T TE110 120-280 300kW 800-1500   50m*10m*8m


TE: Twin -screw Extruder
1.Feininger has the scientific extruder design for producing Graphite EPS beads with rich production experience and advanced idea in parallel twin-screw desig our materials are mixed well in the screw within a short time then through the heat exchanger with uniform temperature, the discharge holes fails to be blocked, making the finished beads with perfect quality

2.Thermoplastic foam beads by extrusion production process need to be pelletized under water, which need high water pressure, With scientific design of water temperature and water pressure, the discharge holes fails to be blocked and early foaming in the pipe is also avoided

3.After centrifugal drying the beads need to be cooled down by vibration with bottom up vibration design, making sure of more effective production and high quality beads.

4.After vibration and cooling swinging vibration screen is required. With large capacity of vibration screen, the sieve hole fails to be blocked

5.Currently, Feininger owns three Graphite EPS beads extrusion line. With rich production experience and free training of process and technology Feininger brings customers effectively stable machine running and benefit maximization, instead of too much time and cost taken

The Advantages We Offer at a Glance

  • Systems From 200 kg/hr up to 2000 kg/hr
  • Complete Automatic Line
  • Turnkey Project Service (From Consulting to Operation)
  • Online Remote Analysis, Diagnostic and Technical Support

Graphite EPS Beads / Board

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