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TPE/TPEE/EVA Block Copolymer Physical Foaming Extrusion Line
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What is TPE/TPEE/EVA Block Copolymers?

TPE/TPEE/EVA block copolymers, also known as mosaic copolymers, are a special polymer prepared by linking two or more polymer segments with different properties. Block polymers with a specific structure exhibit different properties than simple linear polymers, as well as many random copolymers and even mixtures of homopolymers, and can be used as thermoplastic elastomers, blending compatibilizers, interface modifiers, etc. The product is widely used in biomedicine, construction, chemical industry and other fields.

The Main Feature of The Extrusion Process

The main feature of the extrusion process of TPE/TPE/EVA and other block copolymer physical foam extrusion production line is low-temperature extrusion, which can obtain high-quality foam with small bubble diameter, large number of cells, uniform cell and consistent density. The extrusion temperature is too high, so that the gas is dispersed unevenly, the gas is unstable, the cell diameter becomes larger, the gas escapes, and the number of bubbles is reduced.

The physical foaming extrusion process conditions of TPE/TPEE/EVA and other block copolymer physical foaming extrusion production line are more complicated, and the main focus of the process should be mastered, and the melt must be completely plasticized in the extruder before foaming to avoid foaming in the machine and mold. The melt begins to foam as soon as it leaves the mouth mold, and the mouth die pressure has the greatest effect on the foaming rate. The extrusion speed is fast, and the thickness of the crusts is thin.

Equipment Advantages

1. The temperature uniformity of the equipment can reach ±1°C to ensure that the foam body is heated evenly
2. Nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be used as foaming medium
3. Pressure temperature, can automatically replenish pressure
4. PLC touch screen control, simple operation, save labor
5. Safety interlocking device

TTPE/TPEE/EVA and Other Block Copolymer Physical Foaming Extrusion Production Line

TTPE/TPEE/EVA and other block copolymer physical foaming extrusion production line, including batching device, extrusion device, pelletizer, cooling system, dehydration device, screening device, drying device and packaging device, batching device is a low-speed horizontal mixing drum, the extrusion device includes a twin screw extruder and a single screw extruder, the batching device is placed above the feed port of the twin screw extruder, the twin screw extruder is connected to the single screw extruder, and the single screw extruder is connected to the pelletizer, The pelletizer is connected with the dehydration device through the cooling channel, the cooling channel is placed in the cooling system, and the dewatering device is a centrifugal dehydrator; The centrifugal dehydrator, the screening device, the drying unit are connected and the packaging unit are connected in turn.
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