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EPP Bead Foam Production Line
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What is EPP?

EPP is also called Expanded polypropylene. It is also short for a new type of foam plastic. EPP is polypropylene plastic foam material, which is a kind of high crystallization polymer/gas composite material with excellent performance, and has become a new type of environmental protection compressive buffer heat insulation material with its unique and superior performance.

Epps have the characteristics of light weight, strong plasticity, good shock absorption, and are widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics and other fields.

Physical properties of EPP:

● Low density, epp density is 0.02-0.06g/cm3.
● Good thermal stability and high glass transition temperature
● Epp shows excellent mechanical properties at the temperature of 80 degrees, epp elastic modulus is 150mpa.
● Epp has good shock absorption effect, can effectively absorb shock.

Structural characteristics of EPP:

Porous structure, epp structure is composed of many small holes, this porous structure can effectively improve the shock absorption, reduce the impact force, the staggered structure of epp can make its elastic recovery ability stronger, but also improve its wear resistance.

Production process of EPP:

Traditional two-step process:pp was drawn and cut into particles. The raw material is impregnated in a CO2 foam kettle, and then rapidly expanded and foamed to form foam beads.

Feininger one-step method: In the process of pp raw material hot processing, directly add CO2 foaming agent, and directly make epp foam beads by underwater granulating and foaming.
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