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XPS Sandwich Board with Wooden Layers
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What is XPS sandwich panel with wooden layer?

XPS Sandwich panel with wood is a composite material, which is also called as the XPS composite board. It consists of a sandwich of two layers of wood with the Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulating foam board as the core part. Panel surface layers are wooden layers.


Type: XPS Foam sandwich panels
Width: Max 3.2M
Woode Thickness: 0.7mm-3mm
Length: Custom-made
Core density: 32kg/m3~45kg/m3
Skin: Wooden Board
Application: RVs, trailers, vans, refrigerated trucks, campers, Caravans, motorboats, mobile homes, clean rooms, cold rooms, etc.

Advantages of XPS sandwich panels

①. Excellent thermal insulation performance for the XPS ≤0.028W/m.K
②. Safe fire performance
③. Lightweight and versatility
④. Good mechanical strength
⑤. 100% no asbestos
⑥. Easy to cut & install


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