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XPS Profile / Cornice Production Line
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XPS Profile / Cornice Production Line

Feininger XPS  cornice production line, the feed system of scientific configuration, the temperature control of the foaming agent injection systems and heat exchanger, 100% co2 foam!
Feininger is rather low density, XPS extrusion moulding, whereas our production line has high compressive strength and reliable quality!
Gear box and the scientific design of low power motor! Low energy consumption. As method NingGe in extruded profile production experience, we can provide our clients with free training and technical guidance, avoid detours!

Cornice Production Line Device Schematic

Types of Producible Products

Decoration for the House with a variety of foot line, decorative lines, wall waist line. Feininger polystyrene cornice machine can be used to produce various exterior insulation materials for house frames and buildings.

Types of producible products

This kind of products is plastic products, its mature processing technology and superior product performance, determines that the market price of products is much lower than the market of various wood materials. Moreover, its installation is simple, convenient, which can greatly reduce the installation of labor costs. The XPS/cornice production line and XPS pipe production line are a better alternative of the same products manufacturing equipment in the existing market.

Brief Introduction of XPS Cornice Production Line

Cornice Production Line Production Process

1. Add the raw materials to be processed in a certain proportion and pour it into the mixer.
2. After regular mixing and homogenizing, they are transported to a quantitative feeder bin by a feeder.
3. The feeder is evenly fed to the outlet of the main extruder according to the addition amount set by the customer.
4. The raw material is conveyed to the heat exchanger by the high-temperature screw of the main engine, and the heat is homogenized.
5. Then the material is conveyed to the extrusion equipment after the die, in which carbon dioxide foaming agent is injected quantitatively.
6. The material model of high-temperature products made by mould is formed after cooling into a two-stage shaping jacket.
7. Then the material is cooled through a water channel.
8. The products are drawn to a tractor and cut with a fixed length.
9. Finally, it is formed into a qualified product and packaged and sold.
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