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PS Crown Cornice
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Polystyrene Crown Molding

Polystyrene Crown Molding is composed of high-density Extruded Polystyrene as base material, through special process treatment to achieve material economic used , light weight, transpor tation and installation convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon. It is a new generation line after Gypsum, PU, wooden line ,the product involves more widely, more energy saving, more environmental protection, high cost performance. Indoor and outdoor lines looked similar, actually in the technological requirements and precision extent they make a big difference.





  PS Cornice moulding




  High-density Polystyrene


  2M/ Customizable

Compressive Strength



  More than 30 years

Foaming Agent



  Home Decoration


1. Eco-friendly and Heathy: 100% CO2; as the foaming agent in XPS coving production line;
2. Robust and Lightweight: made from a high-density polystyrene blend;
3. High Compressive Strength: 350Kpa;
4. Simple to operate: can be installed by almost anyone with moderate DIY skills;
5. Cost-Effective: lower price without compromising on quality or longevity(more than 30 years);
6. Optionality: 12 styles to meet the demand;


1. Lasts longer than MDF or wood mouldings;
2. Designed for interior and exterior use;
3. Pre-primed and ready for paint;
4. Easy to install and will not crack, crumble, or warp;
5. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short, can be planned, sawed, nailed, and glued by yourself;
6. Fire-proof: Reach the standard of no combustion;
7. Water-proof: No moisture absorbing, water permeation, and mildew arising;
8. Anti-erosion: Resist acid and alkali;
9. Light weight: good resiliene and tenacity, light and hard;
10. Styles and Colorful: Different Colors and Types are available;
11. Environment protection: using polyester as raw material to avoid lumbering;


Products are mainly used for: Hotel, Home, School, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Living Room, hotel engineering, hotel renovation, hospital decoration, kindergarten decoration, primary and secondary school building renovation, large shopping malls, large entertainment clubs, KTV, bars and other renovations.
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Polystyrene Crown Molding VS Wood Crown Molding


Pros Of Polystyrene Crown Molding

Easy To Install

Polystyrene foam crown molding is different from wood one in that it is easy to install on your own. You don't need a team to help you or use any expensive tools either.

Because foam crown molding is so lightweight that you can install it using only constructive adhesive. No nails, screws, or saws are needed. You can easily install the polystyrene crown molding yourself in a day.


When it comes to buying materials, polystyrene foam will always beat wood. This is because advances in modern technology have been able to bring down the cost of producing synthetic materials.

For most projects, foam crown molding looks just as high quality as solid wood. Therefore, using polystyrene foam will make your entire project cost much less than if you were to use real wood, and without any reduction in quality.

Light Weight

Because polystyrene foam crown molding is lightweight, it is easier to transport and install. This also means it saves you labor and shipping costs.


Polystyrene foam is easy to bend and mold. Wood crown molding, on the other hand, is not flexible and does not allow you to bend them the way you need them to be. Combined with the lower cost of purchasing and installing polystyrene foam crown molding, changing the design and layout of your home becomes more affordable as well as more flexible.


Polystyrene foam has the excellent property of being able to resist moisture damage, which makes it ideal for areas where moisture is likely to occur. This means that foam installations are likely to last longer than those made of wood.

Cons Of Polystyrene Crown Molding

One drawback to using polystyrene foam crown molding is that it is incompatible with textured walls or ceilings. The foam will not sit flush with the texture like wood crown molding does. Since you just use an adhesive to place the foam crown molding on the wall/ceiling, you may not get good adhesion.

Pros Of Wood Crown Molding

Great For Adding High Value

Wood crown molding is great for increasing the value of any home. Because wood is a more expensive material, choosing to install wood crown molding in your home can quickly increase the value. While it may cost you more money upfront, you will reap the benefits later in the resale process.

Different Types Of Wood Available

Nature has produced beautiful woods in various colors. Ranging from pine to cedar, it is possible for you to bring nature into your home with wood crown molding.

Cons Of Wood Crown Molding

Not cost-effective

Everything made from wood can be more expensive to build. This is why many people choose polystyrene foam crown molding over wood crown molding. It is much more expensive to make wood crown molding than to choose manufactured materials.

More difficult to cut and install

Lighter materials, such as polystyrene foam crown molding, are easier to cut than wood crown molding. You will need more power tools to cut the actual wood crown molding, which you may not have in your home. This will make installation more difficult and possibly require the help of others.

Overall, both polystyrene crown finishes and wood crowns are great choices, but polystyrene materials are far superior in terms of cost-effectiveness, durability, flexibility, etc.




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