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[Latest News] How Is XPS Extruded Board Produced?
Extruded plastic board is widely used in major industries by virtue of its superior thermal insulation performance. The production process of extruded board is not particularly complicated, but in order to ensure that the produced extruded board complies with national standards and industry specific
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[Latest News] Advantages of Twin-Screw Extruders For XPS Extruder
This article mainly talks about the advantages of twin screw extruder and its classification. Click for more details.
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[Latest News] Feininger take part in 127 Canton Fairs in 2020
Feininger take part in 127 Canton Fairs in 2020The 127th Canton Fair online platform is opening now!Feininger Living room for 127th Canton Fair.Please click: https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/zh/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-1c09-08d7ed794621/liveWelcome to visit the Feininger live broadcast.Seeing is
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[Latest News] Difference Between Extruder and Injection Molding
Both extruder and injection molding machine plastify plastics and process them into certain shapes. The extruder is required to create continuous linear, two-dimensional shapes. The injection molding machine produces three-dimensional shapes that do not remain constant in a parallel line.
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[Latest News] What Are The Characteristics of The XPS Cornice Lines
I will introduce to you what are the characteristics of decorative lines. After reading, you will understand the advantages of the molding line produced by Feininger.
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