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[Latest News] Feininger XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line
XPS Foam Board Machine's advantageThe Feininger XPS foam board production line boasts high output, low energy consumption, and exceptional efficiency.
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[Latest News] What Factors Need to Be Considered When Selecting Underfloor Heating XPS Insulation Board?
When choosing underfloor heating xps insulation board for ground heating, you need to consider some important factors to ensure that they meet your needs.
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[Latest News] How to Choose PS Decorative Lines?
Line is one of the important family building materials in home improvement. Line can set off the sense of spatial hierarchy, so it will be used a lot in the overall interior space. PS decorative line is a new type of decorative line made of extruded polystyrene as raw material and produced by extrus
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[Latest News] The Importance of Thermal Board in Floor Heating
More and more floor heating is used in home decoration. In addition to the superior thermal performance of floor heating, energy-saving floor heating can also make you more comfortable and environmentally friendly.
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[Latest News] Why does the XPS Foam Board need to be peeled and fluffed?
The production process of the XPS extruded foam board is not complex, but in order to ensure that the final processed plate conforms to the national standard or industry standard, so as to realize the optimal application and long-term application of the plate, the thermal insulation material of the
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