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What is XPS Foam Board?

Extruded Polystyrene, referred to as XPS, is a closed cell insulation product commonly used in remodeling and new construction applications. Extruded polystyrene XPS foam begin as a solid granule of polystyrene resin. Our need the plastic granules into an extruder where they are melted and mixed with critical additives to form a viscous fluid. and we need to inkjet foaming agent to ensure the expansion of the plastic. Under precisely controlled temperature and pressure, the plastic mixture is forced through a die into the desired shape. Last, we can cut the hard foam into a customized dimension.

The Features of XPS Foam Board 

Extruded polystyrene insulation board is an improved material of general purpose polystyrene(GGPS) using the process of extrusion. This continuous process results in a closed cell structure with smooth skin on the upper apex and bottom of the board. Every cell wall of the XPS spume board is interlinked and consistent which prevents water penetration to the structure of the extruded polystyrene insulation board and provides long-term strength and durability. The advantage of XPS foam boards are stably and light, so we can transport and cut this product easily. Now, XPS insulation foam board is the best heat-resistant material in the world.

The Advantages of Feininger XPS Foam Board

(1) Feininger owns the most advanced CO2 foaming technology, 100% Non-Freon production process. Therefore, our XPS foam board has higher density and more environmental.
(2) Multiple capacity options. Feininger provide customized services. We can produce different specifications XPS insulation board to meet the needs of the market.
(3) Excellent after-sales team with the expert for XPS extruded board both in China and abroad. 24h online service.
(4) Demonstration Unit of World Environmental Protection Organization, Chairman unit of China XPS Association. Developed and manufactured the first batch of extruded polystyrene foam line in China.
(5) Several international certificates and technical patents.

Feininger XPS Foam Board Specification


  Blue, Yellow, White


  1.2m, 2.4m, 2.5m or Customization


  600mm, 1200mm or Customization


  6mm-120mm, or Customization


  Hair, Smooth, Grooved, Embossing   

Compressive Strength


Water Absorption


Heat Conductivity Coefficient


Fire Rating

  B1, B2, B3



Applications of XPS Foam Board

XPS extruded foam board has good insulation performance, excellent vapor barrier property, and extremely low water absorption under high humidity environments.

(1) Civil Engineering 
XPS extruded foam board can settle the problem of water channels frost cracking in canal engineering in cold regions. In the South to North Water Diversion Project XPS boards were used as the anti-frost material of the channel. The bonding strength is high between Feininger XPS foam boards and concrete layers. The engineering practise applications show that the XPS board can meet the requirements of mechanized concrete construction.

(2) Cold Storage Purification Engineering 
XPS foam boards can prevent moisture condensation effectively. Therefore, this material is widely used in cold storage rooms with superior resistance to water vapor penetration and high compression performance.

(3) Building Insulation and Decoration Field
Usually, about 15%-20% of the heat loss is through the floor/roof in buildings, so it's very important to offer dwellers a comfortable environment by effective insulation treatment to avoid condensation on the floor/roof. XPS foam board as building insulation has incomparable advantages. It can be used in the following fields.
* Roof insulation system
* Wall insulation system
* Floor insulation system
* Basement insulation system
* All kinds of composite sandwich panels
* Decorative molding 
* Decorate condole top

Feininger Successful Cases

(1) Nanjing South Railway Station
(2) Beijing-shanghai High Speed Railway
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