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PS Picture / Photo Frame / Moulding Profile Extrusion Line CO2 Foaming
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PS Picture / Photo Frame / Moulding Profile Extrusion Line

PS frame moulding machine can make plastic photo frame which can replace the traditional wooden frame, the costs are much lower and the quality is much better than wood. The main raw materials are recycled PS, mixing with little some other additives in different formulas, this can get different quality profiles for various application, which can save more materials cost in production.

Types of producible products

However, Feininger PS photo frame moulding production line is different from traditional chemical foaming. It adopts supercritical CO2 physical foaming, which greatly reduces the product density and makes the product more environmentally friendly.

Other Uses of the PS Photo Frames

The advantage of buying a PS photo frame making line is that you can produce other types of profiles including:

Types of producible products

Polystyrene Foamed Skirting Profile: It is utilized in interior decoration as a baseboard to cover the gap between the wall and floor.

Types of producible products

Mirror frame: The PS foam frame can act as an excellent item to hold mirrors even in bathrooms since it’s waterproof. And it will also enhance the mirror’s aesthetics in addition to protecting it.

Brief Introduction of PS Photo Profile Extrusion Line

PS Foamed Photo Frame Production Line Device Schematic

PS Picture Frame Making Machine Production Process

1. Add the raw materials to be processed in a certain proportion and pour it into the mixer.
2. After regular mixing and homogenizing, they are transported to a quantitative feeder bin by a feeder.
3. The feeder is evenly fed to the outlet of the main extruder according to the addition amount set by the customer.
4. The raw material is conveyed to the heat exchanger by the high-temperature screw of the main engine, and the heat is homogenized.
5. Then the material is conveyed to the extrusion equipment after the die, in which carbon dioxide foaming agent is injected quantitatively.
6. The material model of high-temperature products made by mould is formed after cooling into a two-stage shaping jacket.
7. Then the material is cooled through a water channel.
8. The products are drawn to a tractor and cut with a fixed length.
9. Finally, it is formed into a qualified product and packaged and sold.
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