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ETPU Extruded Production Line
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ETPU Extruded Production Line

ETPU is a closed-pore thermoplastic polyurethane. It integrates the excellent properties of TPU and foaming materials, inherits excellent winding resistance, low temperature folding resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance of TPU materials, and has low density, high rebound and better tensile strength than other foam materials.

There are usually two routes for the preparation of ETPU popcorn particles. One is autoclave, which produces popcorn particles under high pressure through physical or chemical methods.There is also a continuous extrusion process, under water foam, through the way of supercritical or high pressure fluid, when the material in the extrusion die foam, this technology is relatively difficult, but stable production performance, less than the kettle pressure method, production efficiency is relatively higher.

Feinninger extrusion ETPU production line, mature process, high equipment stability.The technology of supercritical CO2 fluid kettle pressure foaming and the new technology of pressure compensation solved the problem that polyester ETPU is easy to hydrolyze and yellowing in the application stage in the industry.
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