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XPS Foam Board Production Line
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XPS foam board production line
XPS foam board extrusion line
XPS foam board extrusion line
extruded polystyrene foam line
XPS foam board production line package

XPS Foam Board Production Line

XPS Foam Board Production Line

Feininger XPS foam board production line with the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency. Free technical guidance, our advanced production technology and rich experience to bring you wealth!
Spiral structure and production line transmission of scientific design, automatic feeding system, makes the workshop clean.
High torque gear transmission, low power consumption.
Screw structure effectively, make the raw materials mixing, no dead Angle. The cooling of the professional process design, realized the full uniform cooling, high efficiency.
The Features of XPS Foam Board Production Line
The XPS foam board production line is mainly used for the production of the xps foam insulation board. XPS material has the advantages of good elasticity, good cushioning, softness, non-toxicity, compression resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, and moisture resistance.

XPS foam board extrusion line is made of polystyrene, and the foaming agent is injected into the XPS machine. The finished xps foam insulation board is made through processes. The xps insulation board has a closed-cell structure, with the characteristics of lightweight, good strength, good airtightness, and anti-aging characteristics.
The Advantages of Feininger XPS Foam Board Production Line
 Most Advanced CO2 Foaming Technology. 100% Non-Freon production. High compressive XPS foam insulation board production.
 Multiple capacity options. Customized services. Feininger's XPS extrusion line can be equipped with a variety of other optional configurations.
 The enterprise laboratory & International research institute work together. They always committed to R & D.
 Excellent after-sales team with the expert for XPS extruded board both in China and abroad. 24h online service.
 Demonstration Unit of World Environmental Protection Organization, Chairman unit of China XPS Association. Developed and manufactured the first batch of extruded polystyrene foam line in China.
 Several international certificates and technical patents.
Why Choose Feininger XPS Foam Board Production Line
 A more favorable price, the same quality XPS foam machine is 10% to 20% cheaper than the European XPS production line.
 100% recycled materials. XPS extrusion line in Europe can only use more expensive raw materials, while our foam board production line can use 100% recycled materials. For example, recycling EPS and GPPS can greatly reduce costs.
 Our XPS extrusion line can use CO2 and alcohol as blowing agents, and we can produce xps foam insulation board without CFC and HCFC.
 We could use twin screws as well as single screws in the first extruder. Our production capacity ranges from 200kg per hour to 2000kg per hour. This can meet the requirements of most customers.
 Unique technology enables all assistive devices to work online.
 Feininger has more than 17 years of experience in producing XPS foam board extrusion line.
 Our XPS production line has a lower energy consumption.
 All our XPS foam machines are CE certified.

XPS Foam Board Extrusion Machine Line Specifications

Model Output(kg/hr) Product width(mm) Gas Size(m) Weight(Tons)
FS120/150C 280-450 600, 900, 1200 CO2,Ethanol,HFC... 40x10x4 18
FS150/200C 350-550 45x12x4 22
FS75T/200C 400-600 45x10x4 22
FS85T/250C 600-800 65x18x5 30
FS95T/300C 800-1000 60x15x5 35
FS110T/400C 1400-2000 100x20x5 60

Full Automatic Raw Material Handling System

 Continuous and even feeding is the first step to produce excellent products. All recipe changes can be done through a digital setting. Incorporated with DCS intelligent control system, it can manage production and contain cost more effectively.
 With an integrated vacuum loading system, raw materials handling solutions can be customized according to individual factory circumstances so that the workshop can keep clean and tidy to make a friendly work environment.

The Strengths of High Torque Twin Screw Extruder Machine

 Keep the melt temperature as low as possible during CO2 XPS production machine processing.
 Minimize the usage of flame retardants while keeping the same flame retardancy level.
 Keep the products’ colors bright and fresh.
 Good for super high compressive strength boards.

XPS Extrusion Machine Line Downstream

We provide complete downstream equipment including calibrators, haulage, trimming, cutting, stackers and automatic packaging systems. We customize downstream configurations according to customer needs. All the following accessories can be used online or offline: surface planers, surface groovers, embossing, lap edges and tongue, and groove edges.

Basic Configuration for XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line

1. Mixing and Feeding System
2. Primary Extruder (¢120 Singer Screw or ¢75 and ¢95 double screws)
3. Metering System (Special for CO2 Technology or others)
4. Hydraulic screen Exchanger
5. Touch Screen Controller
6. Secondary Extruder(¢150 Single Screw or ¢200 Single Screw)
7. Static Mixer
8. Slot Die (Temperature control is necessary)
9. Calibrator
10. First Haul off System
11. Cooling Roller
12. Width Cutting Machine
13. Second Haul Off system
14. Cross Cutting Machine

Optional Equipment for XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line

1. Automatic Feeding Machine
2. Surface Grooving Machine
3. Surface Milling Machine
4. Edge Trimming Machine (SL, TG, RC)
5. Milling Machine
6. Embossing Machine
7. Auto stacker
8. Slice Cutting Machine
9. Powder Recycling & Granulating Unit (High Capacity5-6ton/day)
10. Margin Recycle Machine
11. 11. 90C Cutting Machine
12. Auto packing machine
13. Dust collection system

XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line- Parallel Twin Screw View

The Applications of XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line
 Cold storage
The xps extruded foam board is indispensable in the construction of cold storage. It not only plays a role in heat insulation but also because of the microporous structure on the surface of the xps foam insulation board. It can slow the condensation of water vapor and reduce the formation of water droplets. 
Special conditions for cold storage xps extruded boards are relatively high, and the thickness needs to be more than 10 cm. Therefore, in the construction of cold storage, two layers of xps extruded plates are usually used. One reason is to increase the thickness, and the other is to double-layer extruded sheet with staggered stitching to increase heat insulation to prevent temperature loss.

 Road foundation
XPS extruded board can be used as foundation pavement, airport road expressway, etc. The extruded board is waterproof and moisture-proof. It cannot be degraded and impermeable for up to 50 years. These advantages effectively alleviate the ground collapse caused by road leakage.

 Decorative extruded board
Extruded polystyrene foam board can be used for home floor decoration. First of all, the XPS extruded board is softer, and there will be a certain buffer when people step on it. The closed-cell honeycomb structure of the extruded polystyrene insulation board can ensure that only a thin layer is required to achieve good thermal insulation and waterproof effect. There is a limit to the height of the interior. For home decoration, the thinner the foundation, the larger the indoor space.

In short, the xps foam insulation board is suitable for the situation where the insulation layer needs higher compression resistance. It has been widely used in wall insulation, concrete roof, steel structure roof insulation, low-temperature storage ground, parking platforms, airport runways, highways and other fields of moisture insulation. XPS insulation board is one of the best building energy-saving materials in the building materials market.
Key Components of XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line
A. Raw Materials
The production journey begins with the careful selection of raw materials, including polystyrene resins, additives, and blowing agents. Each component plays a crucial role in determining the final quality of the XPS foam board.

B. Extrusion Process
The extrusion process involves melting and mixing the raw materials before passing them through a die to form the desired board shape. This step requires precision and adherence to quality standards.

C. Cutting and Shaping
Once the extruded board cools and solidifies, it undergoes cutting and shaping processes to achieve the desired dimensions. Attention to detail in this phase ensures uniformity and consistency.
Advantages of Using XPS Foam Board
A. Insulation Properties
XPS foam board's closed-cell structure imparts excellent thermal insulation properties, making it a preferred choice in the construction industry for energy-efficient buildings.

B. Durability
The inherent durability of XPS foam board ensures a long lifespan, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

C. Environmental Impact
Despite its plastic origin, XPS foam board can be recycled, and advancements are being made to enhance its eco-friendly aspects.
Applications of XPS Foam Board
A. Construction Industry
XPS foam board finds extensive use in construction, providing insulation for walls, roofs, and foundations, reducing energy consumption in buildings.

B. Packaging
The material's durability makes it ideal for protective packaging, ensuring the safe transportation of goods.

C. Art and Craft
Creative minds explore the versatility of XPS foam board in art and craft projects due to its ease of cutting and shaping.
Common Challenges in XPS Foam Board Production
A. Quality Control
Maintaining stringent quality control measures is vital to producing XPS foam board with consistent properties, meeting industry standards.

B. Environmental Concerns
As with any plastic-based material, addressing environmental concerns is crucial. Sustainable practices are integral to minimizing the ecological footprint.

C. Market Competition
The growing demand for eco-friendly materials poses a challenge in a market driven by innovation and environmental consciousness.
Tips for Efficient XPS Foam Board Production
A. Quality Assurance Measures
Implementing robust quality assurance measures ensures that each XPS foam board meets or exceeds the required standards, building trust with consumers.

B. Sustainability Practices
Adopting sustainable practices, such as recycling programs and eco-friendly raw materials, aligns XPS foam board production with the global shift towards environmentally conscious solutions.

C. Market Research and Innovation
Staying abreast of market trends and investing in innovation are essential for the continued success of XPS foam board production lines.
Future Trends in XPS Foam Board Production
A. Technological Advancements
Continued research and development are expected to yield technological advancements that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of XPS foam board production.

B. Sustainable Practices
The industry is likely to witness a growing emphasis on sustainable practices, with manufacturers exploring greener alternatives and eco-friendly production methods.

C. Market Expansion
As awareness of the benefits of XPS foam board grows, the market is poised for expansion, presenting new opportunities and challenges.
A. Recap of Key Points
XPS foam board production is a dynamic process with far-reaching implications for various industries. Its insulation properties, durability, and evolving sustainability make it a cornerstone in modern construction and packaging.

B. Future Outlook for XPS Foam Board Production
The future of XPS foam board production lies in a harmonious blend of technological advancements, sustainable practices, and market expansion. Industry players must adapt to these changes for continued success.
A. How is XPS foam board different from other insulation materials?
XPS foam board distinguishes itself with its closed-cell structure, providing superior thermal insulation compared to traditional materials.

B. Can XPS foam board be recycled?
Yes, XPS foam board can be recycled, contributing to a more sustainable approach in waste management.

C. What are the key considerations in setting up an XPS foam board production line?
Key considerations include raw material selection, adherence to quality standards, and the implementation of sustainable practices.

D. Are there any health concerns associated with XPS foam board?
When used as intended, XPS foam board poses no significant health concerns. Proper ventilation during production is essential.

E. How does XPS foam board contribute to energy efficiency in buildings?
XPS foam board's exceptional thermal insulation properties reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling in buildings, contributing to energy efficiency.
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