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Underwater Pelletizing System
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Underwater Pelletizing System Introduction

underwater pelletizing is divided into single screw underwater pelletizing machine and double screw underwater pelletizing machine.
This machine is used for EPS, XPS recycling and pelletizing. It is an ideal choice for environmental protection of the supermarket and the utility areas. The underwater pelletizing system can provide the quality granules with excellent performance, and better smooth appearance.

Advantages about underwater pelletizer

1. Fully automatic continuous production, convenient and fast pelletizing.
2. High output and long service life.
3. Easy, automatic and safe operation.
4. Less floor space and cooling water demand, energy saving and environmental protection.
5. Clean working environment and lower noise.
6. Low labor and maintenance costs.
7. Optional components for your individual requirements.

Features of underwater pelletizer

1. High capacity feeding, low energy consumption, high output.
2. Vent design on the barrel to evaporate the volatiles form the recycling material.
3. Easy and safety operation.
4. Faster speed for drying pellets.
5. Water-ring cutting with extrusion die, noodle cutting type.

Feininger Services

1. Pre-sale: we given client the details technician offer, sign the sales contract etc.
2. In-sales: we supply the details layout, installation instruction, technician support for the clients.
3. After sales: we arrange engineer to install the machinery and training the workers for client.
4. We have 24 hours service team to solve the after sales problem.
5. We supply long term spare parts for every customer.
6. We always update the new technology to every customer.

Underwater Pelletizing System

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