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Feininger signed Commitment Letter with State Environment-protection Ministry to phase out HCFC by applying Fire-retardant Polystyrene, CO2 (replacing HCFC), in production of XPS Foam, which plays an important role in resources utilization, energy saving and environment protection. Now we have successfully secured 31 patents (18 for Invention and 13 for utility model). Feininger also successfully won certificates of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and CE, which ensures stable quality control. 
If you want to produce XPS foam boards, Feininger will be your ideal partner. Tel: +8613776668008 E-mail: market@feininger.cn
PET foam is a kind of closed-cell thermoplastic structural foam. The PET foam core material has good shear and compression strength. It is widely used as the core material of sandwich structure and is used in construction, road transportation, rail transportation, aviation, wind power and other fields. Line capacity:400-600kg/h PET foam density:80-150kg/m³ PET foam thickness:50-80mm PET foam width:1000-1250mm More information welcome to contact us: Email:market@feininger.cn Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13776668008
1,Modular underfloor heating system intrpduction;
2,Dry underfloor heating system introduction;
3,Wet underfloor heating system introduction;
4,How to install underfloor heating system?
If you interest in these underfloor Heating board,please contact me,
+86 13776668008 (whatsapp / wechat available).

Feininger XPS Cornice Production Line 
* scientific configuration feed system 
* temperature control for foaming agent injection systems and heat exchanger 
* 100% CO2 foaming Feininger is rather low density XPS extrusion moulding, whereas our production line has high compressive strength and reliable quality! TEL: +8613776668008 Email: market@feininger.cn
If you are searching insulation materials? Do you want to know what is the XPS Foam Board?  See the video, and call us directly +86 13776668008 (whatsapp / wechat available).
How to choose the proper decorative Cornice and mouldings?
China leader Supplier Popular Design XPS foam decorative cornice, Good Quality XPS ceiling cornice mouldings for home decoration?
If you’re looking for quality and cost effective polystyrene cornice you found the right place—Feininger factory for XPS products over 17 years+.
Feininger ,your trustworthy partner in China.
See the video, and call us directly +86 13776668008 (whatsapp / wechat available).
PBAT/PA/PET and other thermoplastic physical foaming test equipment, as universities, research institutions, enterprises and other small laboratory equipment, with flexibility and professional characteristics, provides basic scientific research conditions for various institutions, but also for the pilot test, industrial production lines to create the leading conditions.
The Lab-scale extrusion machine ,feeding capacity 20-30kg/h (can be customized according to material characteristics).
Machine composition:
1. Weightless scale feeding system
2. Foaming agent metering system
3. Screw extruder (1-stage ,2-stages)
4. Melt pump/static mixer
5. Slot die (can produce plate, sheet, etc.)
6. Traction cutting




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