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Feininger (Nanjing) Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd. Specializesin XPS Foam as well as developing, manufacturing and selling of XPS equipment ,please contract through the way down below .We have technical engineers service for you online.
Company Headquarters
Feininger (Nanjing) Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd.
  Add : No.2 Zhonglin Road,Tangshan Industry Area,Nanjing City,China.
  E-mail : market@feininger.cn
   Tel/Wechat : +86-13776668008
Controlled Corporation
Feininger (Guangzhou) Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Add: East of yongshi avenue (lishui section), shiwan town, boluo county
Feininger (Gansu) New Material co. LTD
 Add:Pingan town, honggu district, lanzhou city, gansu province, China

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 No.2 Zhonglin Road,Tangshan Industry Area,Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province,China.
 +86-13776668008
 market@feininger.cn
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