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About Feininger
Nanjing Feininger Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Feininger), located in Tangshan Tourist Resort, Nanjing, is engaged in R&D and industrial production of polymer lightweight materials and equipment. Feininger lightweight materials are widely used in: high-speed railways, marine ships, cold chain logistics, building insulation, wind power and hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, cold storage, refrigerated vehicles and many other fields. Feininger equipment is exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many other countries and regions.
Feininger Story


Feininger was established in March 2003. We independently developed and manufactured the first XPS production line using HCFC foaming agent with independent intellectual property rights in China.


In 2005, Feininger developed China's first XPS production line using CO2 foaming agent, which is also the first XPS production line exported overseas in China.


In 2007, we purchased 50 acres of land to build an industrial plant of 30,000 square meters in a National Tourist Resort in Nanjing , which was successfully put into production in 2008.


In 2010, the United Nations Environmental Protection Organization approved the construction of an a non-HCFC foam-based XPS production demonstration line at Feininger.


In 2011, Feininger developed 1000kpa high strength extruded panels and put them into production. In this year, Feininger became the designated supplier of high strength extruded panels to the Chinese Ministry of Railways, and the panels were used in the construction of high-speed railroads such as Beijing-Shanghai, Ning-Hang, Hefei-Fuzhou and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan.


In 2012, we participated in the revision of the national fire protection mandatory standard GB8624-2012 of the Ministry of Public Security, and formulated the industry standard of "extruded plastic board for cold storage" and "extruded plastic board for geotechnical wood".


In 2013, the South-to-North Water Diversion Command Center of the State Council designated Feininger extruded plastic board as the brand used in the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.


In 2015, Feininger developed and produced the first set of XPS profile production line using pure CO2 foaming in China.


In 2016, Feininger developed and put into production the extrusion method for underwater pelletizing to produce graphite EPS, and Feininger was listed on the New Third Board.


In 2017, we successfully researched the extrusion method to produce ETPU using CO2+N2 foaming agent.


In 2018, Feininger was approved as Jiangsu Provincial Polymer Physical Foaming Engineering Technology Center. On the 30th anniversary of China Plastics, Feininger was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Unit of China's Plastics Industry.


In 2019, Feininger successfully delivered a two-stage PET foam sheet production line using CO2 foaming agent 95/250.


In 2020, Feininger developed and manufactured a dual-station PET welding machine with a production capacity of 400-500kg/h, a PET low-temperature friction granulator.


In 2021, Feininger successfully developed graphite EPS helmet material, EPO packaging material, EPP material production line.


In 2022, Feininger successfully developed and put into use a PET single-machine flat-double production line, and successfully developed a physical foaming co-extrusion production technology.


In 2022, Feininger has developed a new supercritical CO2 foaming/new HFOs foaming XPS extrusion board production line.
Feininger's Main Products
Environmental protection sheet: XPS high-strength extruded sheet, extruded sheet for floor heating, extruded sheet for cold storage refrigerated truck, XPS decorative line, graphite XPS free dismantling template and other green thermal insulation materials, PET foam core material, PET foam composite board.

Equipment and production lines: XPS extrusion board production line, PET foam board production line, PET foam recycling equipment.

The XPS extruded thermal insulation panels produced by Feininger have diversified specifications and excellent physical properties, and have been widely praised by users. It has contributed to the thermal insulation and energy conservation of buildings and engineering in our country and around the world.

Feininger XPS extruded board is widely used in: civil engineering such as roads, railways, squares, airport runways, civil building thermal insulation market, such as roofing, external wall, ground insulation, etc., cold storage low temperature storage thermal insulation system market, decorative materials, pipes Insulation materials, hull insulation materials and other markets.

Feininger's products are exported to Australia, Singapore, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova and many other countries.
Feininger's Qualifications
Feininger is a "national high-tech enterprise", the chairman unit of XPS Association of China Plastics Association, a member unit of the National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee, a national-level three-star green building materials certification enterprise, and a national industry standard-setting unit.

Feininger has established the Engineering Technology Research Center of Polymer Physical Foaming Materials in Jiangsu Province, and has been rated as one of the top 10 extruded board enterprises in China by the Ministry of Light Industry of China for many years.

Feininger has passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and strict FM certification and CE EU product standard certification. In 2016, Feininger won the United Nations "Ozone Layer Protection Recognition" honorary certificate;
Feininger R&D Center
Feininger has a R&D center and has close cooperation with many universities and research institutes. We have been committed to the research and development of extruded thermal insulation board technology, and constantly improve, upgrade and innovate our products.

Feininger has independently developed the core technology of XPS production line "vacuum line production technology" and "C0₂foaming technology". Among them, the C0₂foaming technology has been recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has hired Mr. Guo Xinqi, the founder of Feininger, as an industry technical expert in the elimination of HCFC technology in the XPS industry, and has exchanged this alternative technology with the international community for many times.

The United Nations Multilateral Fund, the United Nations Development Program and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection are conducting a demonstration project on foaming agents for the global XPS industry in Feininger.
Feininger Partners
Feininger and the Light Industry Plastics Processing and Application Research Institute jointly drafted and formulated two industry standards for "Geotechnical Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS)" and "Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) for Cold Storage".
We cooperated with the Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security to conduct research on the subject of "Fire Safety Design of Building Exterior Wall Decoration Materials".
Feininger also participated in the revision of the new GB8624 national standard, and jointly formulated the Jiangsu Provincial Standard "Determination of Residual Foaming Agents in Polystyrene Foam" with the "Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection".
Feininger is a cooperative supplier of high-strength extruded plastic boards for high-speed railways of the Ministry of Railways, and also a cooperative supplier of the National South-to-North Water Diversion Project.
The high-strength extruded panels produced by Feininger are used in the construction of high-speed railway tracks such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan high-speed railway, Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway and the national water conservancy project of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.
Feininger maintains long-term strategic cooperative relations with international and domestic enterprises such as Dow, LANXESS, TOSAF, Wanda, Vanke, Huawei, ZTE, China Tobacco, and Alibaba.
Enterprise Culture
Feininger's Belief:The development of enterprises must not be at the expense of the environment. We have to actively explore the win-win mode of improving production capacity and energy saving. Feininger adopts European environmental protection standards and actively responds to the Montreal Protocol.

Feininger uses flame-retardant polystyrene as raw material, and CO2 replaces HCFC as foaming agent to produce new thermal insulation, energy-saving and flame-retardant products, which play an important role in resource recycling, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Feininger uses flame retardant polystyrene as raw material and CO2 instead of HCFC as foaming agent to produce new insulation, energy saving and flame retardant products, which play an important role in resource recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, and environment protection.

We are fully aware of the concept that enterprise development and environmental protection go hand in hand, which has been affirmed by experts at home and abroad. Creating a responsible green, energy-saving and environment-friendly factory is Feininger's eternal goal.

Feininger's Purpose:Through our unremitting efforts, domestic and foreign customers can use high-quality energy-saving products and enjoy fast and effective services, thereby promoting the development of global green thermal insulation and energy saving.

Feininger's Quest:We are a responsible enterprise, serious, responsible, rigorous, and continuously provide high-quality products and services for the progress and health of human society;
We are a research institute that explores, pursues, and continuously introduces new technologies and new products to benefit mankind;
We are a school that respects, trains and encourages every employee to develop their talents, continuously cultivate talents, grow together with employees and share success;
We are a big warm family, advocating a corporate atmosphere of harmony, humility, trust and cooperation, all employees unite as one, support each other, and jointly create a better future.
Founder of Feininger
Mr.Guo Xinqi is currently the chairman of Nanjing Feininger Co., Ltd. and the president of Jiangsu Polynuclear Polymer Functional Materials Research Institute.

He is a senior engineer, deputy director of the Green Building and Building Energy Conservation Professional Committee of the Jiangsu Civil Architecture Society, deputy director of the New Technology and Manufacturing Committee of the Central China National Democratic Construction Association, chairman of the XPS Committee of the China Plastics Association, and member of the Expert Committee of the China Plastics Association , Member of the National Plastics Standardization Committee, an expert in eliminating HCFC from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, a science and technology entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province, and a representative of the Jiangning District People's Congress in Nanjing.
Feininger Founder's Honor
In March 2000, Mr. Guo led the team to successfully develop China's first self-made XPS complete production line. In the same year, Nanjing Feininger Extrusion Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established (renamed Nanjing Feininger Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008), with Mr. Guo as the legal representative, executive director and general manager of the enterprise.

In 2009, Chairman Guo was appointed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as an expert in eliminating HCFC.

In 2011, Mr. Guo participated in the compilation of the professional bibliography "Extruded Polystyrene Foam", discussing in detail the molding principle, raw materials and formulations, process equipment, performance testing and industry standards of XPS foam.

In 2012, Mr. Guo took the lead in signing a commitment with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to accelerate the phase-out of HCFCs, adopting European environmental standards, using flame retardant polystyrene as raw material and replacing HCFCs with CO₂ as foaming agent to produce new insulation, energy saving and flame retardant products. He has made important contributions to recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental protection.

From 2014 to present, Mr. Guo has served as the president of China XPS Industry Association.

He has successively obtained more than 20 patents, and participated in the drafting and revision of national standards: GB8624-2012 Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products, GB/T10801.2-2002, Extruded Polystyrene Foam for Thermal Insulation; Plastic polystyrene foam (XPS)", "Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) for cold storage", "Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) for floor heating", "Freeze-thaw cycle test method for rigid foam ".

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