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Pre-sale Service

We will send specialist to introduce my company for the customer the product characteristics and the general situation, choose the high quality and low price products for our customers and provide decision making materials, provide technical solution, send the specialized technical personnel, business personnel for technical communication and business disclosure. Can organize customers to company guidance. Let customers comprehensive intuitive understanding of the performance and characteristics of products, design, and various parameters, actively cooperate with good customers choose satisfactory products.

Sale Service

I company in technology design, optimization design, strives for perfection, close cooperation with design institute, college, guarantee the design work excellence, perfect design, choose the best accessories manufacturers at home and abroad, satisfy the performance requirements, and convenient for maintenance, spare parts supply. In the process of manufacturing, we fully arrangement drawings review, products supervision and inspection acceptance and so on each stage of work, make the products before shipment of all the work can be carried out orderly.

After-sales Service

After the products sent to a user, we will send professional and technical personnel out of the box counting together with the customer related personnel. During equipment installation and debugging, sending the senior engineers with rich work experience on free guide installation and debugging, guarantee product to normal running smoothly. Free training and maintenance personnel to establish contact with customers, make long-term technical support in using of maintenance, to ensure that the users requirements. Spare parts supply timely, to ensure customer satisfaction Reflect user needs in a timely manner.




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