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PET Foam Core Production Line
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Extruded PET Foam Production Line

Our PET production line has been widely used in more than ten countries and regions in the world. The machine quality is high, the output is big, the stability is strong, deeply user favor.

PET production line

Feininger PET sheet extrusion line are designed to ensure high performance, low energy consumption, durability and versatility for companies in the plastics industry. Each PET sheet extrusion line is modular and every detail can be customized, thanks to Feininger's accessories and machines: the best technology to ensure high productivity and long-term stable performance.

PET production line

With the continuous improvement of performance level, Feininger's experience and continuous research on technology and solutions, plastic material extruders improve the productivity of the production line, reducing costs and energy consumption.

PET production line

The main ingredient of PET foamed board is compulsory Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester resin.The application of advanced foaming technology, carbon dioxide foaming. Traditional foam used in the production of fluoride as foaming agent, will have an impact on the environment and human health, ning, PET sheet extrusion line using composite foaming agent "CO2" replaces "fluorine series" foaming agent, greatly reduce the production cost, and CO2 as foaming agent is more environmental protection, can achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

PET production line

In addition, PET foamed board can be recycled, so it has good environmental protection performance, which is very conducive to environmental protection and more conducive to sustainable development.

PET foam board is an emerging application with great potential. It has good shear resistance, thermal insulation performance, good heat resistance, mechanical strength and other advantages, as well as environmental protection performance. Therefore, it is often used in the field of building thermal insulation materials, sandwich structure material core materials, sports equipment, fan blades, ships, aerospace and other fields.As a thermoplastic engineering material, PET has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation, chemical and creep resistance, fatigue and friction resistance, etc. It is widely used in daily consumption, transportation, sports equipment and biomedical and other important fields.

Feininger PET Foam Core Production Line Feature

Advanced Technology
Perfectly realized the equipment structure of double-section machine for product production, and the capacity is increased on the basis of ensuring the product production process.

High Performance-Cost Ratio
After one year's experiment, Feininger company has realized the full localization from material processing, screw structure of main extruder, pressure temperature control, mold forming to post-processing adhesion, thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cost of equipment, and on the premise of ensuring quality, its cost is far lower than similar foreign equipment.

After-sales Guarantee
As the R&D company and manufacturer of PET foaming board production line, Feininger company can provide comprehensive product production process training and continuous technical guidance for customers.

CO2 Foaming
Traditional foam agent used in the PET foam core production line is fluoride, which has an impact on the environment and human health. However, our PET extrusion line can use composite foaming agent "CO2" to replace "fluorine series" foaming agent, which not only will greatly reduce the production cost but also can achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

Feininger PET Foam Core Production Line Data


Raw Materials


Foam Agent



PET Foam Board Width

PET Foam Board Thickness



(Bottle grade polyester chips)

chain extender,
nucleating agent,...



400kg/hr - 650kg/hr









PET Foam Core Machine Composition


Automatic  Loading  system with 5 feeding units


Primary Extruder:(twin screws


Blowing Agent Injection System


Hydraulic Screen Exchanger with Hydraulic pressure station


Secondary Extruder:(single screw


Static Mixer




Haul-off Unit


Cooling Racks


Second haul-off


Online planing machine(optional)


Widthwise Cross Cutting System


Driving Rollers


Revolving Cooling Unit



Factory Requirements

1、Power Supply: 800KVA, 3 phases, 380V, 50HZ
2、Normal running power: 300KW—400KW
3、Compressed Gas: 7bar, ≧6m3/min
4、Cooling Water: 4bar, 80m3/hr,15℃ (recommend to use industrial chiller)
5、Floor space:Min. L*W*H, 120M*25M*10M (this is the basic requirement)
6、Foundation: firm base ≥15cm reinforced cement (recommended)
      After receiving the down payment, Feininger will provide the loads and forces for the foundation requirement for the extruders, revolving cooling unit and central dust collection system.
8、Labor required: 1-3 skilled workers /shift (3 shifts/day recommended )
9、Ambient condition: Forced draught, vented, laminated , ambient temperature should be above 0 ℃, Bottom of workshop need ventilation, Ventilation Device must be installed on the Die port and Screen Changer by Customer.
10、Fire-fighting Grade: Plant design should reach safety requirements for that of Electronic products, Fire Extinguishing is requested around the production line. Check the details refer to the annex file.

Applications of PET Sheet Extrusion Line

  • Wind power
  • Rail transportation
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Energy saving building

Top 3 Factors Affecting PET Sheet Quality

Superior PET sheet production line
High-quality raw materials
Extensive production experience with the ability to identify and solve problems in the production process timely

How To Choose The Right PET Sheet Extrusion Line?

PET sheet extrusion lines are customized machines. We must first know your product information, such as the following, and then will give you professional advice.
  • Final sheet width
  • Final sheet thickness
  • Application of the sheet product
  • What material you will be using, sheet, virgin or mixed material?
  • Required output of the machine
  • Sheet product structure, ABA or single layer sheet

How Much Does A PET Sheet Extrusion Line Cost?

Regarding the price of PET production lines, we can offer different variations of machine costs, the first factor that affects the price is the output, the next factor is the speed and depending on the customer's request, we will adjust the configuration for any special case. So, you can get the price of the PET sheet extruder machine directly from us by sending us a message.
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