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XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers
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What is XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers?

XPS with PVC Sandwich panel is a composite building material. They consist of a sandwich of two PVC layers of structural board with XPS insulation foam in between. Panel skins are PVC,insulation core is Extruded Polystyrene foam(XPS). 

XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers composition

PVC Board +XPS +PVC Board
XPS thickness: 25mm-100mm
PVC board thickness: 1mm-3mm

XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers Feature

■ GWP is extremely low
■ Increased impact resistance
■ Weather resistance
■ UV resistance
■ Moisture-proof
■ Free of CFCs and HCFCs
■ Combined with COSMOFEN PLUS can achieve the effect of cold welding

Advantages of XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers

①. Excellent thermal insulation performance ≤0.024W/m.K
②. Safe fire performance (B1 level)
③. XPS sandwich panel patented technology, with convenient assembly expansion plug-in interface
④. Good mechanical strength
⑤. 100% no asbestos
⑥. Easy to cut & install

Application of XPS Sandwich Board with PVC Layers

■ Window core board
■ Door panel
■ Railings
■ Industrial door core board
■ Panels for ventilation facilities
■ Boards for exhibition construction
■ Advertisement panels
■ Unit curtain wall
■ Structural panels for vans
■ Boards for the automotive industry
■ Boards for containers
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