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High Polymer Laminate Flooring Extrusion Production Line
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Production Description

High Polymer Laminate Flooring Extrusion line is one of the most important production process for producing high polymer flooring. Our flooring production line uses corotating twin screw extruders manufactured which is very little heat through mechanical work, far below the amount needed for the material to reach the temperature required for gas mixing; additional heat is applied to reach it. After the mixing, no more heat is applied, and due to the low shear developed, the temperature of the melt will decrease; because of the relatively slow movement down the barrel, with a reasonable little cooling, the temperature will easily reach the one required for the extrusion.

What is High Polymer Laminate Flooring?

High polymer laminate flooring is similar to SPC, this kind of laminate flooring has the characteristics of zero-formaldehyde, mould-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, insect-proof and simple to install. However, our high polymer flooring using high density polystyrene as basement layer. And we only use CO2 as foaming agent in the process which will diffuse rapidly in the transportation, that is to say, this kind of flooring doesn’t contain any toxic substances.

Advantages of High Polymer Laminate Flooring Extrusion Line

(1) Eco-friendly, zero formaldehyde
As we all know, formaldehyde mainly comes from all kinds of adhesives or glue. The main components and production process of high polymer laminate flooring determines its environmental performance. High polymer flooring extrusion line only uses polystyrene one-time heating laminated, embossed production process, without any adhesives or glue. From raw materials to production and manufacturing processes, high polymer laminate flooring does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

(2) Real Wood-like Design
Timeless design mimicking the beauty of nature is. With our flooring extrusion line, you can produce a ‘wood’ flooring without all the drawbacks of real wood. Isn’t it wonderful?

(3) Budget Friendly
Our high polymer flooring making machine uses polystyrene as raw material and CO2 as foaming agent, so it can save the cost which means more profit margin.

High Polymer Laminate Flooring Extrusion Line Production Process

1. Add the raw materials to be processed in a certain proportion and pour it into the mixer.
2. After regular mixing and homogenizing, they are transported to a quantitative feeder bin by a feeder.
3. The feeder is evenly fed to the outlet of the main extruder according to the addition amount set by the customer.
4. The raw material is conveyed to the heat exchanger by the high-temperature screw of the main engine, and the heat is homogenized.
5. Then the material is conveyed to the extrusion equipment after the die, in which carbon dioxide foaming agent is injected quantitatively.
6. The material model of high-temperature products made by mould is formed after cooling into a two-stage shaping jacket.
7. Then the material is cooled through a water channel.
8. The products are drawn to a tractor and cut with a fixed length.
9. Finally, it is formed into a qualified product and packaged and sold.
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