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[Latest News] What is extruded polystyrene foam?
The definition of extruded polystyrene foamExtruded polystyrene foam (XPS) is a type of rigid insulation commonly used in construction and packaging, like Feininger's extruded polystyrene foam board. It is made from polystyrene resin, which is heated and mixed with other ingredients such as blowing
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[Latest News] The Factors of Influencing Polystyrene Foam Board Price
With the continuous increase of modern buildings in recent years, the sales of extruded board-polystyrene foam board have also increased greatly. Consumers should also find out when buying extruded board-polystyrene foam board. The extruded board is divided into expansive EPS board and XPS extruded
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[Latest News] Which should you choose, EPS or XPS?
By considering these factors and comparing the moisture performance data provided by manufacturers, you can make an informed decision on whether EPS or XPS insulation is better suited for your specific application and moisture resistance requirements.
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[Latest News] How To Inspect The Quality of Extruded Polyethylene Foam Board
The extruded board has high compressive strength, equally low thermal conductivity and long-lasting thermal insulation performance. Xps extruded board is a kind of thermal insulation board with polystyrene and foaming agent as main raw materials, which is formed by high temperature mixing and extrus
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[Latest News] Where to buy polystyrene cornice in China?
The materials of polystyrene cornice Feininger polystyrene cornice is a new type of environment-friendly decorative line produced by an extrusion process with extruded polystyrene as raw material. The material has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, good waterproof performance, light
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