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The Factors of Influencing Polystyrene Foam Board Price

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The recent development situation of polystyrene foam board

With the continuous increase of modern buildings in recent years, the sales of polystyrene foam board have also increased greatly. Consumers should also find out when buying extruded board-polystyrene foam board. The extruded board is divided into expansive EPS board and XPS extruded board, in which XPS is a kind of continuous extrusion. Compared with EPS board, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foaming insulation material. In terms of process, it overcomes the complicated production process of EPS board and has superior performance that EPS board can not replace.

polystyrene foam board

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How will the price of extruded board and polystyrene foam board be affected in our country?


the thickness required by most customers is 35mm-85mm. If the required thickness is the same as this range, the price of polystyrene foam board will be lower than that of other thicknesses.


there is a strong correlation between density and the cost of producing polystyrene insulation board. If you want a higher density XPS foam board, this means that you will have to pay more.

Surface cost: 

in general, the price of extruded board-polystyrene foam board has three kinds of surfaces to choose from, smooth or skinned surface, groove surface and rough surface.

Smooth or skinned surfaces are the cheapest.

Compressive strength: 

the compressive strength of the price of extruded board-polystyrene foam board affects its density.

If you need an insulating board with high compressive strength, you will have to pay a higher price than an ordinary strength board.

Thermal conductivity: 

thermal conductivity is one of the main performance parameters of XPS insulation board. The lower the thermal conductivity data, the better the thermal insulation performance of the XPS board. Thermal conductivity is an important reference for product quality, which mainly affects the price.

Dimensional stability: 

extruded board-polystyrene foam board price the length of alkene foam board price has little to do with its price. If you want to customize the size and order a small quantity, the XPS foam extruder may charge you a small fee.


if your order is large enough, you can negotiate with your extruded board-polystyrene foam board price supplier to get a competitive price.

Policy impact: 

real estate policy will affect the new construction area. The newly started construction area is directly related to the supply of foam extruded panels. The real estate policy will have a long-term impact on the foam extruded board market, with a lag period of about half a year to one year. The fire prevention and fire protection policy in recent years will have a direct impact on the foam board. The strengthening of the control of type B foam extruded board will directly affect the market access of foam board.

Raw material:

the basic raw material of the price of extruded board-polystyrene foam board is polystyrene particles, but there are also different grades of polystyrene particles, and the cost of polystyrene particles of new materials is not cheap, so most foam board manufacturers choose recycled materials. 

Most of the recycled plastics are made of waste plastic, so the foam board produced by the recycled material contains a lot of impurities, but because the foam board has a great advantage in price, it is still the mainstream of foam board production in the current foam board industry.

Time factor:

The first and fourth quarter of each year is the off-season of engineering construction, the supply of foam board market exceeds demand, and prices will keep a downward trend.

The second and third quarter of each year is the peak season of project construction, the supply of foam board market is tight, and prices will keep an upward trend.

Generally speaking, the rise in foam board prices generally occurred in the third quarter.

Inflation factor: 

due to the overall supply of extruded board-polystyrene foam board market exceeds demand. Extruded board-polystyrene foam board manufacturers generally try to absorb the impact of inflation. However, if the overall factor market shows an upward trend, it will also directly affect the price of foam board.

The above are the reasons that affect the market price of the extruded board, its quality, region, time, policy, inflation and wages will affect its price, but the fluctuating price will not be too large.

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