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[Latest News] PET Foam Board Extrusion Processing Guide
This blog mainly introduces the PET foam board extrusion production process, including PET raw materials, additives, drying system, melt extrusion, etc. Click on the link to learn more.
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[Latest News] PET or PVC, Which One Is The Best Material for Your Job?
If you are wondering about PET or PVC which one is the best material for your job. This blog mainly introductes these two material basic characteristics and applications. Click the link to find more information.
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[Latest News] What is The Science Behind the Reactive Extrusion Process of PET Foam?
This blog mainly introduces the science behind reactive extrusion process of PET foam, you can cick the link to get more details about its importance, production, CO2 foaming agent.
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[Latest News] PET Sheet Production Process And Common Problems
This article mainly introduces the production steps of PET transparent sheet, and how to solve the quality problems often encountered in the production process. Click on the article for more detailed information.
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[Latest News] What Is The PET Foam Production Line?
This article mainly introduces the function and application of each component of the PET production line. Including raw material drying system, raw material drying system, tandem extrusion system, etc. For more detailed information, click on the article link to view it.
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