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[Latest News] Everything About CO2 XPS Insulation Board – CO2 Foaming vs. Ordinary XPS Insulation Board
Bakers make use of yeast as an effervescing agent. The yeast ferments with sugar in the dough and releases CO2 that gives the dough a foamy texture. In the same way, while producing XPS foam board a foaming agent is essential. When XPS insulation boards were designed in the past, multiple foaming ag
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[Latest News] Comparison of XPS Foam Board with Other Insulation Boards
Let us try to know about XPS, EPS, and GPS boards separately first. They are generally used as insulation boards and installed in different construction projects. GPS insulation board is generally a little more expensive board as compared to EPS because of the increased saving of energy that you can
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[Latest News] Be Aware of XPS Foam Extrusion Production Line Work
XPS stands for extruded polystyrene, which is a foamed polystyrene board type used for insulation. Foamed polystyrene boards are commonly referred to as EPS. So, how do we separate them apart? Therefore, the letter ‘X’ was chosen to emphasise the process of production of extrusion. XEPS stands for e
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[Latest News] The Ultimate Guide of XPS Extrusion Line and XPS Foam Board
What is XPS foam extrusion line? How does CO2 foaming XPS foam extrusion line work? What is the application of XPS foam extrusion line... To understand this series of questions about XPS extrusion line and XPS foam board, please read this article carefully.
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[Latest News] How to Choose Skirting Board Making Machine ?
Skirting board making machine is used to make skirting profile, skirting board etc. By switching mold, it can make different kinds of baseboards. Due to the fiery market of the skirting making machine market, this industry is also full of different quality machines, and do you know how to choose ski
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