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Pet Foam Production Line

The main ingredient of PET foamed board is compulsory Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester resin.The application of advanced foaming technology, carbon dioxide foaming.Traditional foam used in the production of fluoride as foaming agent, will have an impact on the environment and human health, ning, PET foam production line using composite foaming agent "CO2" replaces "fluorine series" foaming agent, greatly reduce the production cost, and CO2 as foaming agent is more environmental protection, can achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

In addition, PET foamed board can be recycled, so it has good environmental protection performance, which is very conducive to environmental protection and more conducive to sustainable development.

PET foam board is an emerging application with great potential. It has good shear resistance, thermal insulation performance, good heat resistance, mechanical strength and other advantages, as well as environmental protection performance. Therefore, it is often used in the field of building thermal insulation materials, sandwich structure material core materials, sports equipment, fan blades, ships, aerospace and other fields.As a thermoplastic engineering material, PET has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation, chemical and creep resistance, fatigue and friction resistance, etc. It is widely used in daily consumption, transportation, sports equipment and biomedical and other important fields.
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