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See You At The 133rd China Import and Export Fair

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The 133rd Canton Fair will be held from Sat, Apr 15, 2023 - Fri, May 5, 2023.

China Import and Export Fair, is China's longest history, the largest, most comprehensive range of goods, the largest number of buyers and the most widely distributed country regions, the best transaction effect, and the best reputation of the comprehensive international trade event.  

Feiningercn will have its top-designed machines shown at the exhibition. Our product ranges shown will be production line for XPS Foam Board, XPS Profile / Cornice, recycling and Pelletizing Machine, pet sheet extrusion line, PBAT/PA-PET thermoplastic physical foaming test-equipments, TPE/TPEE/EVA block copolymer physical foaming extrusion line and so on.

Kindly invite you to have a visit to our booth.

Decoration and building materials 9.2-M18

Contact Person:Joyce

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Processing machinery and equipment 18.1-I16

Contact Person:Larisa

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E-mail Address: market@feininger.cn

See You At The 133rd China Import and Export Fairexhibition

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