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The Difference Between Insulation Board, Extruded Board, Benzene Board And Foam Board

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What is the difference between the insulation board, extruded board, EPS, XPS, polyurethane board, phenolic board, rock wool board, glass wool board, and rubber board? The discussion will start below.

Insulation board 

Insulation board including extruded board, polyurethane board, phenolic board, glass wool board, rock wool board, etc.

The insulation board is easy to understand, it is the board used for building insulation. Including extruded boards, polyurethane boards, and other boards made of thermal insulation materials.

Polystyrene (Polystyrene, abbreviated PS)

PS is a polymer synthesized from styrene monomer through radical addition polymerization. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic with a glass transition temperature higher than 100°C, so it is often used to make various disposable containers that need to withstand the temperature of boiling water, as well as disposable foam lunch boxes, building insulation materials, etc.


EPS (also known as foam board, polystyrene foam board, benzene board, polystyrene board)

The EPS board is a white object made of expandable polystyrene beads containing a volatile liquid foaming agent, which is pre-heated and heated in a mold. It has the structure of fine closed cells. The white foam used for packaging when buying a computer is EPS.

foam board, polystyrene foam board, benzene board, polystyrene board

XPS (also known as extruded polystyrene board, extruded board)

The full name of the extruded polystyrene board is extruded polystyrene foam board, extruded board for short, also known as XPS board, extruded polystyrene board. It is a rigid foam board made of polystyrene resin as raw material plus other raw materials and poly-containing materials, which are heated and mixed while injecting the catalyst, and then extruded and molded. Its scientific name is extruded for heat insulation. Plastic polystyrene foam (XPS for short), XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure. This structure allows the XPS board to have extremely low water absorption (almost no water absorption), low thermal conductivity, high compression resistance, and aging resistance (almost no aging decomposition phenomenon in normal use), and it is a special material for floor heating insulation.

Tips: Polystyrene foam is divided into expandable EPS and continuous extrusion XPS. Compared with the EPS board, the XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation material. It overcomes the complexity of the EPS board in terms of technology. The production process has superior performance that cannot be replaced by EPS boards.

extruded polystyrene board, extruded board

Polyurethane board (PU or PUR for short)

Polyurethane is a type of polymer containing urethane-type repeating structural units in the macromolecular chain. The full name is polyamino acid ester. PU is a product reflected by polyisocyanate and polyether or polyester polyol in a certain ratio. Polyurethane board refers to a polyurethane sandwich board made entirely of PU or a composite of PU and color steel plate, which is mainly used in industrial and civil building exterior insulation systems.

Polyurethane board (PU or PUR for short)

Phenolic Foam Board

The phenolic board is made of phenolic foam material. The phenolic foam material is a polymer organic hard aluminum foil foam product, which is foamed by thermosetting phenolic resin. Phenolic insulation boards are widely used in developed countries.

Phenolic Foam Board

Rock wool board

It is an inorganic fiberboard made of basalt as the main raw material and processed by high-temperature melting. Generally used for external wall insulation.

Rock wool board

Glass wool board

Glass wool is glass wool felt product made by melting the glass and then curing it by adding a binder. The diameter of the glass wool fiber depends on the centrifugal extrusion technology. Glass wool board is used for heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction of building exterior walls, heat insulation of industrial furnaces, and an interlayer of steel insulation boards.

Glass wool board

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