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XPS foam board production line

As XPS foamed board of China's largest manufacturer, Feininger has the advanced production technology and its use PolyFR as flame retardants, and CO2 foam...   . More >>

XPS profile/cornice production line

Feininger XPS extrusion moulding production line, the feed system of scientific configuration, the temperature control of the foaming agent injection systems and heat exchanger, .   More >>

Recycling and Pelletizing machine series

This content  need to fill in !-Feininger XPS extrusion moulding production line, the feed system of scientific configuration, the temperature control of the foaming ..  More >>

PET production line

PET content  need to fill in ! - art special floor heating insulation board is used as a floating floor installed floor MATS. Shop is convenient, can prevent the floor be affected..   More >>

XPS pipe production line

XPS insulation shell has been as a kind of excellent heat insulation material and got rapid development, its application scope also more and more widely, more because ..   More >>

Graphite EPS Beads machine

New research and development of graphite  EPS production line adopts the scientific design of extruder extrusion equipment. Has the rich production experience and parallel ..    More >>


Our main products are: XPS extruded plate production line, XPS extruded board, XPS caigang composite sandwich board, floor heating board, floor MATS, treasure XPS decoration lines such as the company has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and CE certification, sound management to ensure the product quality


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  • [Latest News] Why PET Foam Core is a better material than PVC Foam Core?

    The main ingredient of PET foam core is polyethylene terephthalate, which is generally referred to as polyester resin. PET foam is a closed-cell thermoplastic structural foam. PET foam core has a certain shear and compression strength. It is widely used as the core material of sandwich structure in the fields of construction, road transportation, rail transportation, aviation, wind power generation, etc.





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