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Armacell- A Pioneer In Green PET Foam Technology

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Armacell, based in Luxembourg, is a pioneer in polyethene terephthalate green PET foam technology and a world leader in green production technology. The company was the first manufacturer to successfully qualify green PET foam as a core material for the composites industry, leading to the launch of the ArmaPET® range in 2006.

Armacell pet foam core


ArmaPET foam cores tracked a steep and successful evolutionary path and underwent rapid growth, gaining market share from PVC and Balsa. Nowadays, the composites industry depends largely on these materials to save weight in vehicles and to optimize mechanical strength, residual elasticity and service life.

The importance of PET products to the plastics industry

Based on recent studies, producing just one 500 ml plastic bottle generates 82.8 grams of CO2. Recycling more PET products will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the plastics manufacturing industry and industries close to it.

Although PET plastics have a relatively high recycling rate of about 20% (compared to 2% for PVC plastics), recycled PET is typically not used in building and construction as virgin PET is. Given the opportunities represented by the rapidly growing market for green building materials, this limits the potential for reuse.

Armacell turns recycled PET into foam core material

Armacell takes charge of a game-changing innovation that uses recycled PET beverage bottles to produce a high-value foam core material for the composites industry. This revolutionizes the way PET plastics are reused, which helps reduce releases and the environmental impact of plastics.

Instead of going into the ocean, PET beverage bottles are being converted into high-quality foam core materials that can be used in composite sandwich structures. Armacell has transformed more than one billion recycled PET bottles that would otherwise go to waste.

ArmaForm Process


By turning PET bottles into core materials, Armacell has added technologies that are driving the trend toward recycling plastics into high-quality, environmentally friendly building materials. Armacell is setting a precedent for the future of green building material manufacturing, one that will encourage new government initiatives that will use recycled materials to reduce emissions and protect against pollution.

The future will witness an expansion of such technologies, thus recycled PET will be used in a broader range of building materials, while new technologies are developed to build core materials from additional types of plastics, such as PVC, that are still not being fully recycled.

The first PET foam core extrusion line in China by Feininger

Armacell is dedicated to innovative, high-performance products that deliver sustainable value to customers. Armacell's innovative recyclable PET foam cores have made a significant contribution to global energy efficiency and have had a major impact on the world's plastics manufacturing industry.

pet foam core production line

Feininger, as one of the global leaders in energy efficiency, has developed the first PET foam core extrusion machine in China. Bearing a shared passion with Armacell, Feininger is committed to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products.

Feininger PET extrusion lines are based on supercritical CO2 foaming technology and allow the use of recyclable materials for production. It is known that the traditional blowing agent used in PET foam core line is fluoride, which is harmful to the environment and human health.

However, Feininger PET foam core line can replace the "fluorine series" blowing agent with the compound blowing agent "CO2", which will not only greatly reduce the production cost, but also achieve zero greenhouse gas emission.

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