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Comparison of XPS Foam Board with Other Insulation Boards

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Let us try to know about XPS, EPS, and GPS boards separately first. They are generally used as insulation boards and installed in different construction projects. GPS insulation board is generally a little more expensive board as compared to EPS because of the increased saving of energy that you can get, however, typically they are less expensive as compared to XPS insulation.

XPS board

The most typical building exterior components provide crucial purposes, but they always do not operate to their full capacity. As a result, a variety of plastic materials are able to assist building owners in achieving the efficiency they seek.

Because of the manner, this product is made, extruded polystyrene also called foam insulating sheathing (XPS), for example, has numerous advantages.

The specification of this XPS board, which is very energy-efficient, lightweight, easy to install, and recognisable in pink, blue, or green colours, may allow the application of any single product for creating a continuous thermal layer and also moisture protection on the walls of a building, as a result, offer energy efficiency.

Feininger, one of the companies in China is the very first professional manufacturing company who produce XPS foam board. Besides that this company is also a unique enterprise that is specialized in XPS foam and also manufacturing, developing, and also selling XPS equipment.

EPS board

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation also popularly called EPS is certain closed-cell insulation and was available since the 1950s. Because EPS is made up of 98 percent trapped air and just 2% plastic, it is a cost-effective insulator with a tiny amount of any raw material.

Because it can be moulded and sliced into various shapes, expanded polystyrene is extremely versatile. Flat EPS is the most typical shape for remodelling and new construction, however contoured EPS has become quite popular among the insulated vinyl siding. This curved EPS not only provides insulation but also increases the durability of the siding and impact resistance.

GPS board

The Neopor beads, which are developed and also manufactured by BASF, are used to make graphite polystyrene insulation, also called GPS. GPS insulation has a dark grey colour and a greater R-value than typical EPS insulation products due to the use of Neopor.

GPS can be shaped into a variety of shapes throughout the production process, similar to expanded polystyrene. Despite the fact that GPS is still relatively new in the US, it has quickly become the most used type of insulation, particularly in Europe during the last couple of decades.


EPS, XPS, and GPS insulation may be appropriate for your project, depending on your needs. Cost, availability, and specific performance characteristics can all influence your choice. Fortunately, adding insulation to your home is always quite a good investment, regardless of whatever product you choose.

We recommend going with this product that can provide you the most bang for your buck. If you are putting insulation under any new roof or under the slab, XPS is a good choice. If you require insulation for side walls before installing siding, we propose contoured EPS/GPS insulation, which not only provides insulation, but can also provide durability and long-term support for the siding panel.

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