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Decorative materials

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XPS adornment material is a new kind of polymer moulding materials, because of its relative to other wooden lines, the obvious advantages of gesso line, has been recognized by the society and the people's favorite. XPS adornment line is currently the latest environmental protection adornment material, also gradually in family decoration materials, because of its obvious advantages faint has a tendency to replace the other traditional decorative materials. Is popular in engineering decoration and home decoration decoration materials, can take all kinds of decorative pattern, optional customizations, practical and beautiful, have fire prevention, moistureproof, lightweight, simple installation, and other functions, and to have the luxury decoration effect.

XPS lines have than EPS smooth surface, good toughness, light quality, resistance to moisture, can be recycled and can use the eaves acrylate adhesive independent easy to install, mace era is gone. PS foam line compared with gesso line with no deformation, no loss, no crack, no water absorption of moisture, can be recycled, easy installation and transport advantages, such as the current domestic market is still in the period of development, has the very big potential.