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Feininger graphite polystyrene board exterior wall insulation system - passive house preferred

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With the increasingly serious environmental problems in the world, in order to actively respond to the challenges brought about by the changes in the global living environment, “passive housing” has become a brand-new energy-saving building concept advocated by people, and it is also an important direction for China to promote building energy conservation.

Feininger use the extrusion process to produce graphite eps beads, which contains blowing agent, so it can be expanded. This unique raw material is transformed into a wide range of insulation materials using advanced production equipment and manufacturing techniques. These black beads were foamed on a conventional EPS machine to form an ink black foam board, and then the foam blocks were cut into sheets of different thicknesses.



Molded graphite polystyrene thin plaster exterior insulation system is the preferred technical solution in the passive housing sector.

*Fire performance reaches flame retardant B1

The performance of graphite polystyrene board completely meets the B1 grade and has good fire performance.

Graphite polystyrene board is a product of the classical insulating material expanded polystyrene which is further refined by chemical method, and the thermal insulation performance is obviously improved. It contains special graphite particles, which can reflect heat radiation like a mirror, and contains infrared absorbers that can greatly improve the thermal insulation properties, thus reducing the heat loss of the house. Its thermal insulation capacity is at least 30% higher than normal EPS, which helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

* More eco-efficient, reducing environmental burden

Graphite polystyrene insulation boards are far more eco-efficient than other insulation materials, which can contribute to reducing heating and cooling costs and reducing environmental burden.

Feininger adopts the leading level of graphite polystyrene production process, equipped with first-class production equipment and intelligent automatic production process control to ensure the company's products are of high quality and stable production. Excellent quality and efficient service have won the recognition and trust of our customers. Welcome to visit our company!

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