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Feininger insulation board with good fireproof and insulation properties are your best choice for building insulation

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The phenomenon of building fires is frequently happened .The relationship between heat preservation and fire prevention is in front of everyone. People are thinking about whether to keep warm or fire?

In fact, if we need correctly understand the relationship between fire prevention and heat preservation, we must firstly understand the following two points.

First, the necessity of insulation:

When it comes to the necessity of insulation, we must understand the purpose of insulation. What are the reasons for us to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to make the insulation system?

Specifically, the insulation is to make the ambient temperature of our residence "the most comfortable", that is, the temperature in the house is not allowed to run out easily in winter, and the outdoor temperature is not allowed to run in the summer, so that we only need to use very little energy to make us live comfortable;

Macro point that insulation and energy conservation is a basic national policy for China to achieve energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy.

Secondly, the importance of fire prevention:

The purpose of fire prevention is to protect property from loss and to protect the lives of personnel. Some people think that since fire prevention is so important, after all, human life is important, then we will eliminate these hidden dangers and not keep warm. But we can't choose to cancel the insulation layer for the fire resistance of the house, we should find ways to improve the fire protection capacity of the insulation layer and eliminate fire hazards.

Therefore, I think that between fire protection and heat preservation, it should be fireproof serve for the heat preservation and energy conservation. Fire prevention should protect the building insulation and energy conservation. Fire prevention should ensure the construction process goes smoothly without fire accident.

The Feininger XPS insulation board has excellent thermal insulation properties, high moisture resistance, low water absorption, good sound insulation, high compressive strength, good dimensional stability and creep resistance. The fireproof level of the insulation board can reach  B1 level. At the same time, our company's new product, Feininger MOGER Graphite EPS insulation board, has added graphite and flame retardant to achieve the flame retardant B1 grade, and its thermal insulation performance is 30% higher than ordinary EPS due to the addition of graphite. It is an excellent building insulation material.

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