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How Will You Recycle XPS Foam Boards?

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Insulation materials such as XPS foam board are very commonly used. With the growing usage of XPS, environmental pollution will become increasingly problematic if it is not recycled and handled properly.

Polystyrene-related plastic goods produce rubbish that is huge in size, quite light in weight, resistant to corrosion, ageing, chemically stable, and difficult to decompose by microbes. After entering into the soil, it will be easy to weaken the soil quality.

Because Polystyrene is the primary source material for XPS, the XPS recycling procedure can also be useful to EPS recycling.

Why should we go for XPS recycling?

Because of its high thermal insulation effectiveness, XPS is commonly used as a construction and building insulation board. It not only conserves resources, but it also helps to keep the cold at bay. Nonetheless, a huge number of scraps of insulation board puts the environment under a lot of strain.

The waste polystyrene recycling method

The waste polystyrene recycling method

1.Catalytic cracking

Any catalytic cracking of discarded polystyrene yields a styrene-dominated mixture. Styrene is the major component of fractured gas. Following chill cooling, energy recovery, and rectification separation, qualified styrene monomer, and by-products are recovered, with a styrene monomer recovery rate of 70-85 percent.

2.Recycling for the manufacturing of adhesives and coatings

XPS/EPS is primarily made up of polystyrene, which is also used as a certain base material for water-resistant and insulating coatings. Coatings made with PS as any base material, alternatively, have poor adhesion as well as film-forming qualities, hence PS must be changed when employed as any coating film-forming material.

As a film-forming material, the modified PS can be coupled with a variety of additives to create adhesives and coatings with unique qualities, such as water resistance, anti-corrosion, and fire resistance.

The organic solvent-containing coating and adhesives made from waste EPS /XPS, will pollute the environment and endanger the health of any constructors during use.

3.Recycling for making PS recycled particles

One of the most important waste uses in the XPS manufacturing process should continue to be the manufacture of PS recycled particles, also in some circumstances, XPS sheets. At the moment, this is also the most common method of recycling.

The advantages of Recycling XPS and EPS

  • The large volume decrease of polystyrene trash is one of the key advantages of recycling. It is simple to transport and store.

  • Recycling is going to contribute to the landfill contamination reduction. Something that is a serious threat to both the environment and animal existence.

  • Recycling reduces the need for new products, resulting in lower energy and personnel expenses.

  • The company's reputation is enhanced by having a specialised trash management process.

  • Recycling machinery's great efficiency boosts total output while keeping costs low.

As a result, recycling EPS and XPS waste is the most effective way for businesses to minimise their carbon footprint as well as efficiently manage polystyrene waste.

Currently, the principal recycling service is to reduce foam wastage, compress it for granulation, and then process it into finished products e.g., picture frames, ornamental mouldings, mirrors, etc., which are both ecologically benign and profitable.

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