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How to Choose Skirting Board Making Machine ?

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Skirting board making machine is used to make skirting profile, skirting board etc. By switching mold, it can make different kinds of baseboards. Due to the fiery market of the skirting making machine market, this industry is also full of different quality machines, and do you know how to choose skirting board making machine? Maybe you can find answer in this article.

Types of Skirting Board Making Machine

Automatic PVC Skirting Board Extrusion Machine


PVC skirting board machine is used to produce PVC baseboard. PVC is one type of synthetic baseboard, trim, and molding option. 

Production Process

Raw materials--- Mixing --- Feeding --- Extruding ---Molding --- Calibrating --- laminating--- Haul-off --- Cutting--- Stacking-- Package.


  1. Replace all the real marble, and the PVS trim is recyclable.

  2. Safety, insulation, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, 5% acetic acid. 5% hydrochloric acid, no abnormal surface.

  3. Leave the flame for five seconds and can self extinguish.

  4. Novel color, a variety of colors available for selection, brilliant color natural and vivid color, any spell group shape, highlight the individuality color.

  5. Installation convenience, convenient construction sawing, planing, nail, glue free paint.

  6. Long service life can reach more than 10 years.


However, PVC has several dangerous environmental and health considerations. For example, the dioxins in this product can cause reproductive and developmental health problems. Therefore, when we choose PVC skirting board making machine, it means this production line will affect human health. 

PS Skirting Board Making Machine


The PS skirting board extrusion machinery production line mainly produce PS skirting line for indoor decoration. The weight advantage is a result of a foamed polystyrene core that is enclosed by a smooth, robust, white outer shell that provides an attractive appearance.


The water resistance is a product of the material: PS (polystyrene), a plastic that is also free of chlorine. Thus we offer many positive characteristics in addition to the white colour, which is a current trend for skirting boards.

Production Process

Firstly, we should add the raw materials to be processed in a certain proportion and pour it into the mixer.Secondly, after regular mixing and homogenizing, they are transported to a quantitative feeder bin by a feeder. Thirdly, the feeder is evenly fed to the outlet of the main extruder according to the addition amount set by the customer. Then, the raw material is conveyed to the heat exchanger by the high-temperature screw of the main engine, and the heat is homogenized. When, the material is conveyed to the extrusion equipment after the die, in which carbon dioxide foaming agent is injected quantitatively. The material model of high-temperature products made by mould is formed after cooling into a two-stage shaping jacket. Then the material is cooled through a water channel. The products are drawn to a tractor and cut with a fixed length. Finally, it is formed into a qualified product and packaged and sold.


  1. Eco-friendly

    Polystyrene is 100% recyclable. And some professional manufacturers only use CO2 as foaming agent which will not affect human health. Feininger PS skirting line production machines are different from traditional chemical foaming. It adopts supercritical CO2 physical foaming, which greatly reduces the product density and makes the product more environmentally friendly.

  2. High Performance Cost Ratio

    With our PS skirting board extrusion machine, you can manufacture polystyrene cornice moulding, PS photo frame, PS baseboard, etc.

  3. Twin Screw Extruder

    The corotating twin screw extruders manufactured today very little heat through mechanical work, far below the amount needed for the material to reach the temperature required for gas mixing; additional heat is applied to reach it. After the mixing, no more heat is applied, and due to the low shear developed, the temperature of the melt will decrease; because of the relatively slow movement down the barrel, with a reasonable little cooling, the temperature will easily reach the one required for the extrusion.

How to Choose These Two Kinds of Skirting Board Making Machine?

  • Company Strength

    Only the old brand manufacturers can experience more than a decade, and their reputation, technology and service are their survival. Therefore, we should go to the factory to visit and inspect. First, let's look at the comprehensive scale of the manufacturers, the number of personnel, and more from the side to understand the production and establishment time of their manufacturers.

  • Service aspect.

    Good after-sales service can guarantee us to buy skirting board making machine, so that it will not be caused by machine failure. The manufacturer has no staff to maintain the factory for a long time, which affects its own production operations.

  • Your Budget

    We need to buy the baseboard making machine according to the actual condition. However, remember, as the saying goes, "one point for one price" is still somewhat reasonable.

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