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How to find best PET Foaming Machine Factory

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Beverage bottles are ubiquitous in our daily lives. More than 16,000 plastic bottles are sold every second worldwide. Less than 50% of these PET bottles are recycled, and only 7% are used to make new PET bottles.

pet foam production line

With the PET foaming machine, disposable PET bottles can be recycled more efficiently and processed into a high-value foam core. The following article will provide some tips on how to finda trustworthy PET foaming machine factory.

Where can you find PET foaming machine factories?

PET Foam Core Production Line factory

1. Google search

You can search for " Feininger PET foaming machine factories/Feininger PET Foam Core Production Line" on Google, the first page will show results such as the following:

  •  "PET Foam Core Production Line";

  • "Polystyrene Production Line";

  • "What Is The PET Foam Production Line"

best PET forming machine

A specific keyword search will allow you to narrow down the PET foaming machine manufacturers that produce that particular PET foaming machine.

2. Sourcing agents

These companies are not selling their own products; Instead, they are more specialized in sourcing services. You will benefit from import services, which include sourcing, production supervision, quality control and shipping schedule.

For this reason, many PET foaming machine sellers are attracted to the services of sourcing agents. Sourcing agents are more flexible than trading companies. They can assist you in finding the PET foaming machine products you are looking for in China.

3. Trade shows

If you are more into face-to-face interaction with potential manufacturers and suppliers, visiting trade shows is a great way to interact with them in China and locally. Attending such trade fairs will give you a better idea of the large scale and detailed offerings.

As you might expect, there are many trade fairs in China, both large and small. One of the most popular trade shows in China is The Canton Fair.

One big drawback to visiting trade shows, however, is that you have to go to China in person. The pandemic now sweeping the world is making it impossible to go to China for trade shows.

A step-by-step guide on how to find the best PET foaming machine factory online

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Step 1: Decide what you need

Before you start searching and contacting PET foaming machine factories, you must determine what kind of PET foaming machine you want. Not sure which PET foaming machine is best for your needs?

Please contact us and our team of experts will help you decide on the right PET foaming machine according to your requirement.

You need to, first of all, get a clear idea of what you want, since this will help you find the best PET foaming machine manufacturer. 

This is important because although PET foaming machine manufacturers produce different kinds of PET foaming machines, they may not match your specific requirements and needs.

Step 2: Analyze your options

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a PET foaming machine factory:


The best PET foaming machine factory produces various kinds of Foam Board Production Line products. 

For example, they also manufacture XPS Foam Board Production Line, XPS Profile / Cornice Production Line and PS Skirting Board Making Machine.


A good PET foaming machine factory provides a wide range of relevant information about their PET foaming machine products on their websites.

Broad information including the main features of eco-friendly, a variety of raw material sources, recyclable and high-temperature resistance as well as specifications of density range and dimension is important when buying a PET foaming machine.

If you can't find these details on the PET foaming machine factory's website, you won't be able to decide if their products are right for you.


The Services provided by the PET foaming machine manufacturer determines your PET foaming machine purchasing experience.

A good PET foam production line factory will keep in touch with its clients throughout the whole purchase cycle. They provide customers with excellent pre-sale service, sale service and after-sale service.

Geographical Location

China is not exactly a small country where manufacturers are located in different cities and the specialization of factories varies from region to region.

For instance, Nanjing-which is located in southwestern Jiangsu, is the second-largest city in East China-has developed into a major city in the Energy Saving Technology industry.


source: https://whereismap.net/where-is-nanjing-located-what-country-is-nanjing-in-nanjing-map/

Nanjing has fostered a distinctive ecosystem to support the manufacturing supply chain, and as a result, many excellent socially responsible PET foaming machine factories have emerged there,Feininger PET machine factory  is one of them.

Document Check

1. Business licence

In China, all registered businesses carry a business license. The business license contains important information about the supplier, including the scope of their business.

This is a statement describing the supplier's activities and an indication of if they are a manufacturer or a reseller. Production" and "assembly" identify a manufacturer, while "wholesale" and "distribution" indicate a trading company.

2. Certificates

A good way to check a PET foaming machine factory's credibility is through their certificate. A quality management certificate (ISO 9001) implies that the supplier complies with certain statutory and regulatory requirements and has passed the relevant audits.

A social responsibility certificate shows that their workplace is safe and ethical. Environmental certificates show that their processes do not damage the environment. For social responsibility and environmental certificates, suppliers are required to pass a professional audit.

Step 3: Contact the manufacturers you have selected

PET Forming machine factory

You've already done your research and selected a shortlist of PET foaming machine factories, so what's the next step? 

Here are some considerations for communicating with a few of your selected suppliers to check whether they can meet your business requirements.

Request for samples

As soon as you have found your PET foaming machine supplier, sampling is an extremely important part of the process. The PET foaming machine may look good in pictures or at a trade show booth.

However, samples give you a broader picture of the supplier's ability to provide high quality, designs and functions before committing to producing in large quantities.

Enquire about production times

Production time usually depends on the PET foaming machine factory's capacity. This is a vital factor to consider because it allows you to better understand your supplier's PET foam production line turnaround time.

Working hand in hand while requesting samples also gives you an understanding of other important factors like coordination, shipping schedule and product quality.

Minimum order quantities

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the supplier's minimum order requirement. According to a basic interpretation of economies of scale, a reduction in your MOQ will result in an increase in production costs.

Thus, it is essential to calculate the optimal amount of inventory required to avoid a negative impact on profitability by holding too much inventory.

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