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The Points Required for XPS Insulation Foam Board Manufacturers To Achieve Flame Retardant

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The situation of XPS insulation foam board in the market

With the rapid development of the extruded board application market, there are more and more domestic extruded insulation foam board manufacturers, and the rapidly growing market has also attracted some manufacturers who were not engaged in the production of flame retardants to join in.

The market is mixed with the good and the bad, and the fish and dragons are mixed. The extruded board manufacturers are lack of testing means and have no way to distinguish. In the market, the phenomenon of inferior quality and adulteration is serious, and the extruded board must use flame retardants with good thermal stability.

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In order to meet the fire protection requirements of extrusion. The common problem of most extruded board manufacturers is that the flame retardant effect of flame retardant is not obvious, the thermal stability of flame retardant is poor, and the flame retardancy is uneven.

On the same board, some places have obvious flame retardant, some places have poor flame retardant effect or even no flame retardant; the same flame retardant has good flame retardant effect in the board produced by one machine, but poor in another machine. The same machine, different extruded board manufacturers, flame retardant performance is very different.

How to improve the flame retardant of XPS insulation foam board?

The first is to improve the operation level of the technical personnel in the production of the extruded board, increase the mixing time of materials and flame retardants or increase the mixing equipment and adopt feasible testing methods to ensure the uniform mixing of materials and flame retardants and avoid the regionalization of flame retardant. Increase the qualified rate of oxygen index experiment.

The second is to optimize the structure of the extruded board equipment and increase the cooling system to ensure the stability of the process temperature in the whole production process, so as to avoid excessive temperature caused by temperature agglomeration and serious decomposition and loss of flame retardants.

The third is to develop new flame retardants to improve the decomposition temperature of flame retardants, ensure the thermal stability of flame retardants, make the decomposition temperature much higher than the processing temperature, and avoid the decomposition failure caused by temperature.

The fourth is to upgrade the raw material formula of the extruded board, and the raw material for producing the extruded board has an obvious influence on the flame retardant effect of the product. some manufacturers have developed a special flame retardant masterbatch for extruded board. the special flame retardant masterbatch made of general polystyrene and other functional auxiliaries can be widely used after a large number of experiments.

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