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What is XPS Cornice Production Line?

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XPS Cornice Production Line is a production line used to produce XPS profiles and cornices. It typically consists of an extruder, a die, a cooling system, a cutting system, and a stacking system. The extruder melts the raw material and forces it through the die, which shapes the material into the desired profile. The cooling system then cools the profile, and the cutting system cuts it to the desired length. It has been in use since the early 2000s and has become increasingly popular due to its ability to produce high-quality products quickly and efficiently.

XPS Profile Production Line

The advantage

1. XPS foam decorative cornice product uses a streamlined environment protecting decorative material. Compared with traditional decorative materials like GRC cornice, gypsum, marble, wood, PVC wood plastic, and EPS cornice. it overcomes the defect of style, colour and shapes unity, and complex installation.

2. The surface glossiness and smoothness degree are high. The weight is light as well as it has waterproof, mothproof, mildew-proof, non-deformation, non-cracking, non-shedding features.

3. The structure is diverse, the lines are smooth and beautiful, the installation is simple and convenient, and green environmental protection can be recycled, it is widely used in indoor and outdoor building decoration industries, such as cornices, corner lines, wall decoration boards and so on.

Our product model


 Extruder Type


 Foam output

(kg / h)

 Foaming agent


Profile thickness


Profile width






   100% co2







   100% co2







   100% co2



Installation ways

1. Measure the position of the cornice and mark it with a chalk line.

2. Cut mitre using a very fine-toothed saw.

3. Apply special adhesive to both edges of the cornice using a paint scraper or a glue gun.

4. Place the cornice on the chalk line and gently press it into place.

5. Apply a small quantity of adhesive on either end to form a butt joint.

6. Wipe the edges and joint with a wet sponge for a perfectly smooth finish.

About us

Feininger is a "national high-tech enterprise", the chairman unit of the XPS Association of China Plastics Association, a member unit of the National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee, a national-level three-star green building materials certification enterprise, and a national industry standard-setting unit.

Feininger has established the Engineering Technology Research Center of Polymer Physical Foaming Materials in Jiangsu Province and has been rated as one of the top 10 extruded board enterprises in China by the Ministry of Light Industry of China for many years.

Feininger has passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and strict FM certification and CE EU product standard certification. In 2016, Feininger won the United Nations "Ozone Layer Protection Recognition" honorary certificate;

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