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Application Characteristics of XPS Board

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1. High compressive strength. Extruded hot plates are available in various models ranging from 150KPa to 600KPa, which can meet various load requirements. The main application scenarios are square ground, roof parking lot, roof tennis court, roof garden, highway and railway subgrade, etc.

2. Superior thermal insulation performance. As a thermal insulation material, the conductivity coefficient of the extruded board is less than 0.03w/m.k. At 70% relative humidity, the extruded board is significantly better than other thermal insulation materials in terms of thermal insulation effect. And its thermal insulation performance changes little over time, and its thermal insulation performance can still be above 80% after decades of use.

3. Good sound insulation and noise reduction performance. The unique sound insulation and noise reduction performance of extruded board allow you to worry about external interference and influence on others no matter whether you are in a hotel, in a KTV room, or at home.

4. Excellent moisture-proof and moisture-proof performance. The extruded board has a compact closed-cell honeycomb structure. Its polystyrene molecules do not absorb water, which makes it have excellent resistance to water vapor penetration. The water absorption rate is about 10 times smaller than that of ordinary expanded polystyrene boards. A small amount of water is absorbed in the initial stage, and no more water is absorbed in the future. Its water vapor permeability is 2-4 times smaller than that of expanded polystyrene. Therefore, in addition to effectively preventing the intrusion of rainwater and the penetration of moisture, the extruded board can also effectively avoid the accumulation of water inside the material due to condensation and expansion, and cracking due to thawing.

5. Excellent environmental performance. The extruded board has stable chemical properties and is not easy to volatile, decompose, and mildew. It has good corrosion resistance and its high-efficiency thermal insulation function can reduce the consumption of natural resources. The solid waste produced by it can be recycled, processed, and used, which is in full compliance with the requirements of the world's sustainable development strategy and is a new type of environmentally friendly product.

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