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Brief Introduction of Extruded Board

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What is the extruded board

The extruded board is made of polystyrene resin or its copolymer as the main component, injected with a catalyst, and then extruded to form a rigid foam with a continuous closed-cell structure. The full name is extruded polystyrene foam board, extruded board for short, also known as XPS board.

Its interior is an independent closed bubble structure, which is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation material with excellent properties such as high compression resistance, low water absorption, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and low thermal conductivity.

Extruded board · Core parameters

Compressive strength

Compressive strength is the maximum compressive load per unit of original cross-section when a material is damaged by compressive force. There are many types of insulation materials, and different materials have different compressive strength standards.

The compressive strength of the extruded board can reach 150-500KPa.

Water absorption

Low water absorption is the outstanding advantage of extruded panels. For example, if the water absorption rate of the building exterior wall insulation system is lower, the longer-term retention rate of thermal resistance is higher, and the resulting insulation performance is more durable. And the lower the water absorption, the lower the risk caused by condensation under certain conditions.

Thermal Conductivity

Materials with low thermal conductivity are usually called insulation materials. Materials with thermal conductivity not greater than 0.12W/(m·K) are collectively referred to as thermal insulation materials. The material whose thermal conductivity is below 0.05 W/(m·K) is called high-efficiency thermal insulation material.

According to the national standard, when the average temperature is 25℃, the thermal conductivity of the extruded board should be less than 0.029 W/(m·K). Compared with other similar materials, the extruded board has more obvious advantages in thermal insulation.

Fire-proof level

In the current standard, there are four levels of fire protection for building insulation materials: A, B1, B2, and B3.

The extruded board is an organic material, and its fire resistance is divided into 3 grades: B1, B2, and B3.

It is stipulated in the GB/T10801.2-2002 standard that the extruded board shall be B2 level. At present, most areas use extruded boards of at least B2 level.

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