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Can The XPS Foam Board Be Fixed To The Roof?

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XPS foam board can be firmly secured to the roof

Many consumers are not very familiar with how to securely fasten extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards to the roof. XPS foam boards have undergone special surface roughening treatment, resulting in adhesive strength that is more than 60% higher than that of ordinary XPS foam board. Below, the XPS foam board manufacturer will provide a detailed analysis of how XPS boards can be firmly secured to the roof.

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The performance characteristics of XPS foam board

The performance characteristics of XPS foam board include high fire resistance, excellent insulation, relatively good strength, low susceptibility to breakage, lightweight, long lifespan, good water resistance, good interface properties, energy-saving, and safety. Special adhesive mortar is generally used to adhere the extruded boards to walls or roofs. When applying the extruded boards, they should be laid horizontally in sections from top to bottom, with each row staggered by half the length of the board. The boards should be tightly pressed together without gaps, and any gaps formed due to irregular cutting should be filled with extruded board strips and smoothed out. After each board is adhered, any excess adhesive should be removed.

As there are many kinds of extruded boards, we should know more about the characteristics of the building before preparing for the construction of thermal insulation. Only by selecting the corresponding thermal insulation extruded board according to the characteristic structure of the building, the practicability of the thermal insulation extruded board can be brought into full play.

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