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Where to buy polystyrene cornice in China?

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The materials of polystyrene cornice

Feininger polystyrene cornice is a new type of environment-friendly decorative line produced by an extrusion process with extruded polystyrene as raw material.

The material has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, good waterproof performance, lightweight, durability, environmental protection and so on.

Feininger polystyrene cornice's exterior design uses a specific design. The interior is a multi-empty structure, and the surface is smooth, which plays an ingenious role in interior decoration.

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Scope of use of polystyrene cornice

Feininger polystyrene cornice are widely used in home decoration, hotels, villas and various professional laboratories and other interior decoration. Its flexible shape and according to customer needs to change the color to bring decoration effect leap up.

polystyrene cornice

Product advantages of polystyrene cornice

The performance is super stable, and the new production technology is adopted in the production process of 1000-type European-style decorative lines, which has good stability and avoids the slight shrinkage of similar materials after being pasted and used. avoid gaps between profiles and walls.

Customized service of Feininger polystyrene cornice

The application of thousands of Feininger polystyrene cornice changes the traditional way of interior decoration, scientific and reasonable ingenuity design, is an independent decorative element between the wall and the roof, but also makes it possible to customize the decoration scheme according to individual needs.

How to install polystyrene cornice?

To install polystyrene cornice (crown molding), you can follow these general steps:

Preparation: Ensure that the surface where the cornice will be installed is clean, dry, and free from dust or debris. Measure and mark the installation area accordingly.

Cutting: Use a fine-toothed saw or a sharp utility knife to cut the cornice to the desired length. Make precise angled cuts at the corners for a seamless fit.

Adhesive Application: Apply a suitable adhesive to the back of the cornice. Polystyrene cornices typically require a compatible adhesive recommended by the manufacturer. Ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed along the entire length of the cornice.

Installation: Carefully press the cornice into place, aligning it with the marked guidelines on the ceiling and wall. Apply gentle pressure to ensure proper adhesion. For corner joints, ensure that the angled cuts fit snugly together.

Securing: If necessary, use additional support such as nails or screws to secure the cornice in place while the adhesive sets. Be mindful of not damaging the cornice during this process.

Finishing: Once the cornice is securely in place, any gaps or joints can be filled with an appropriate filler or caulking compound. Smooth out the filler to achieve a seamless finish.

Painting (Optional): If desired, the cornice can be painted to match the surrounding decor. Use a suitable paint that adheres well to polystyrene and apply it evenly for a professional finish.

Clean-Up: Clean any excess adhesive or filler from the surface and surrounding area, following the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning products.

Always refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of the polystyrene cornice for detailed installation guidelines and any specific precautions or recommendations.

Feininger polystyrene cornice production line

The Feininger XPS cornice production line features a scientifically configured feed system, precise temperature control in the foaming agent injection systems and heat exchanger, and utilizes 100% CO2 foam. Feininger XPS extrusion moulding ensures low density, while our production line offers high compressive strength and reliable quality.

With a gearbox and low power motor designed for efficiency, our production line boasts low energy consumption. Drawing from our extensive experience in extruded profile production, we offer free training and technical guidance to our clients, helping them avoid unnecessary setbacks.

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