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Cool Room Panels Suppliers Tell You The Secret of The Industry

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What Is Cold Storage Extruded Board/Cool Room Panels?

Cool Room Panels is a kind of thermal insulation board. It has the features of good thermal insulation and moisture-proof effect in cold storage. Cool room XPS panels also known as XPS extruded board, which is generally used for ground heating, wall insulation or roof insulation, as well as some other uses. Especially in some special weather, soil freezing will cause local ground uplift, and facilities such as roads, railways, buildings, agricultural canals and other facilities will also cause cracks, tilt and damage.To eliminate the freezing of building foundation soil and its frost heave force is a problem that can not be ignored. It is not uncommon for cold storage to be damaged because the base soil is frozen. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the construction process of extruded board?

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Cold storage of medicinal materials

Construction Process Of Cool Room Xps Panels In Cold Storage

When dealing with the base surface of the extruded board in the cold storage, the surface of the base should be smooth and there should be no obvious stains. Once there are some stains, it will cause problems such as poor adhesion of the extruded board. After the base surface treatment, brush a layer of interface agent on the surface to ensure that the wall surface is smooth.

The next thing to do is to match the required mortar, pay attention to the proportion of this aspect, and apply the grid cloth evenly on the wall. The purpose of setting up the grid cloth is to set aside the location of the planned sticky board for the extruded board on the one hand, and to prepare for the laying of the extruded board on the other hand.

After laying the XPS extruding board successfully, fix the extruding board and install the relevant accessories. After the extrusion board is fixed, observe whether the extrusion board is flat, and polish it if it is uneven. After grinding, it is necessary to apply a layer of interfacial agent on the surface of the extruded board, another polymeric mortar, another layer of mesh cloth on the finished wall, and another layer of grid here in order to fill the wall with sealing paste.

Then, after the completion of the filling, it is necessary to configure the surface coating, brush a layer of paint on the wall and then paste a special tile to finish the construction.

The common problem of cold storage is light floor uplift, heavy walls, columns are lifted or sideways, more serious can cause damage to the entire structural system, so that the whole cold storage scrapped, resulting in huge losses. At present, there are mainly three kinds of thermal insulation treatment methods for cold storage floor insulation (cold insulation) at home and abroad.

Laying of Heat Source Floor-Cool Room Panels Suppliers(Feininger)

Laying the heat source floor, that is, laying all kinds of heat sources in the base of the insulation layer of the cold storage floor, such as electric heating wire, tubing, ethylene glycol unfrozen liquid, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing. For cryogenic cold storage, there should be cement ventilation ducts on the floor of cryogenic cold storage.

In the ground practice, first lay a thick steam insulation layer of 2mm, followed by 150mm high pressure extrusion board, 50mm thick high pressure extrusion board 3 layers of staggered cloth (if the high temperature warehouse can also increase the thickness of insulation layer, choose 2 or 3 layers of 100nn high pressure extrusion board), then lay waterproof layer, steam insulation layer flanging bonding waterproof layer, so that the special extrusion board of high pressure cold chain is completely sealed in the steam insulation layer and waterproof layer.

Finally, pouring concrete leveling, so that the cold storage can not only have a certain bearing capacity, but also effectively prevent the frost heave of the cold storage floor.

This is one of the most common ground practices in cold storage.

Overhead Floor-Cool Room Panels Suppliers(Feininger)

The overhead floor can be divided into two types: the elevated floor and the low overhead floor. The elevated floor is a basement (or overhead floor) under the first floor of the cold storage, and the basement (overhead floor) can be used for temperature control or other purposes.

On the other hand, the low elevation is to lift the first floor with a beam-slab system or ridge wall. No matter the elevated floor or the low elevated floor, the base soil of the cold storage is separated from the floor by the air layer, so that the cooling capacity in the storage can not be transmitted directly to the base soil. However, when the temperature of the air interlayer is too low, it can still cause frost damage to the base soil.

The cold storage extruded board/cool room panels plays important role in cold storage

Cold storage is different from ordinary industrial and civil buildings. the temperature difference between inside and outside of cold storage and the difference of partial pressure of water vapor affect the normal operation of cold storage. the projects of floor gas insulation, moisture protection and thermal insulation should be done carefully.

After arriving at the construction site, the construction personnel of the cold storage should carefully compare the design drawings and check whether the underground ventilation pipe conforms to the drawing design, whether the gas insulation layer is smooth and complete, whether the size meets the drawing requirements, and whether the density and external dimensions of the thermal insulation material XPS meet the drawing requirements and product specifications.

Cold storage should be laid XPS insulation board should be wrong sewing arrangement, too large gap should be foaming material, laying plastic sheeting should be flat without leakage. The installation slot of the wallboard should be straight and the sundries should be cleaned.

The construction of 100-thick C20 reinforced concrete should be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the drawings to ensure the long-term and safe operation of the cold storage.

Feininger-Cool Room Panels Suppliers

The XPS extruded thermal insulation board produced by Feininger, has been unanimously recognized and widely praised by users. It has made contributions to the cause of thermal insulation and energy conservation of buildings and projects in China and all over the world. 

XPS extruded boards are widely used in civil engineering such as highways, railways, squares, airport runways, civil building thermal insulation markets, such as roofs, external walls, ground thermal insulation, cold storage thermal insulation systems market, decorative materials, pipe thermal insulation materials, hull thermal insulation materials and other markets. Our products are exported to Australia, Singapore, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova and many other countries.

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