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What's the cost of 50mm xps insulation board?

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The basic introduction about 50mm XPS insulation board

XPS insulation board is welcomed by customers because of its good thermal insulation performance, high compressive strength, strong dimensional stability and so on.

It is often used for thermal insulation of external walls of buildings, decoration of house walls, refrigerated cars in cold storage, airport runways, highways and so on.

So, what is the price of 50mm xps insulation board?

50mm xps insulation board

  1. Residential Construction-50mm XPS insulation board

    • Exterior Wall Insulation: Installed between exterior wall studs to provide thermal insulation and reduce heat loss in residential homes.

    • Roof Insulation: Placed under the roofing material to prevent heat transfer through the roof, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

    • Underfloor Insulation: Installed beneath the subflooring to provide thermal insulation and enhance the efficiency of underfloor heating systems in residential spaces.

  2. Commercial Buildings-50mm XPS insulation board

    • Basement Insulation: Applied to basement walls and floors to prevent moisture intrusion and improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

    • HVAC Duct Insulation: Used to insulate HVAC ducts in commercial spaces to minimize heat loss or gain during air distribution, improving energy efficiency.

  3. Cold Storage Facilities-50mm XPS insulation board

    • Refrigerated Warehouses: Applied to the walls and ceilings of refrigerated warehouses to maintain consistent temperatures and prevent energy loss, preserving the quality of stored goods.

    • Walk-In Coolers: Used to insulate the walls and doors of walk-in coolers to regulate temperatures and prevent thermal bridging, ensuring the freshness of perishable products.

  4. Civil Engineering Projects-50mm XPS insulation board

    • Roadway Infrastructure: Integrated into roadways, bridges, and tunnels to provide thermal insulation and prevent frost damage, extending the lifespan of the infrastructure.

    • Underground Structures: Used in underground structures such as subway stations and tunnels to provide thermal insulation and protect against temperature variations.

  5. Industrial Applications-50mm XPS insulation board

    • Manufacturing Facilities: Applied to the walls and roofs of manufacturing facilities to provide thermal insulation and improve energy efficiency in industrial settings.

    • Cold Chain Logistics: Used in refrigerated trucks and shipping containers to maintain temperature-controlled environments during the transportation of perishable goods.

These examples illustrate the diverse range of applications where a 50mm XPS insulation board can be effectively utilized to provide thermal insulation, improve energy efficiency, and maintain temperature-controlled environments.

The factors of influencing the price of 50mm XPS insulation board

The thickness and size of xps extruded board are different, and the price of sheet is also different. Extruded board manufacturers have production costs in the production of goods. Not all 50mm xps insulation board with high price will be of good quality, nor is the extruded board with low price and poor quality. The price always revolves around cost and quality.

The experimental results show that the extruded plate has good dimensional stability and weather resistance (life of 30-50 years).

Polystyrene resin material does not react with acid and base, and can resist acid and alkali corrosion for a long time, even if the plate is in a long-term acid-base environment, its properties will not be affected.Therefore, it has a long service life, good anti-corrosion, anti-aging and other characteristics.In addition, the specification characteristics of the extrusion board, as well as the use of environmental factors will also affect the service life of the extrusion board.

Some extruded board manufacturers in order to save costs, cut corners, the size of the plate is not up to standard, select low-quality raw materials, mixed with other recycled materials or direct recycled material production, the quality of the plate is greatly reduced.After a few years of use, the use of the plate has basically lost its meaning. So the price of this kind of extruded board will be much cheaper.

Local extruded board manufacturers have different quotations for extruded board prices, good extruded boards not only need to be customized according to the field of use, but also need excellent materials to facilitate long-term use. Therefore, when buying extruded panels, we should comprehensively compare the product quality with the manufacturers.Comparison of goods is very important, choose reliable thermal insulation extruded board manufacturers. If there is a need for extruded panels, you can contact us!

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