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Thousands of Miles of Love Relay Feininger Donated Medical Supplies to Wuha

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The Chinese New Year in 2020 is an unusual one, with a new epidemic sweeping the country and touching the hearts of every Chinese. To combat the epidemic, some people volunteered to fight the frontline. Some stand quietly and lend support. Some people return to work ahead of schedule, struggling to produce.

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Feininger(Nanjing)Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in Hubei province while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the internal epidemic. When informed of the shortage of protective clothing, masks and other materials in Wuhan jiangxia fanggang hospital, Feininger immediately mobilized domestic and foreign resources, urgently purchased related materials, and donated to the third batch of national TCM medical team, Jiangsu team. On February 27, the epidemic prevention materials donated by Nanjing Feininger arrived at jiangxia square cabin hospital successfully. Here we wish the white angels a safe return.

Medical supplies were donated to wuhan

At present, Feininger(Nanjing)Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.shouldered the social responsibility of the enterprise and tried its best to contribute their love and strength. The virus can stop the pace of our rework, but can not stop our courage to forge ahead. On February 19, Feininger returned to work in an orderly manner, and the production capacity has been partially restored. It is our biggest responsibility to protect the interests of employees and customers and maintain the stable development of the enterprise.

Medical supplies donated by Feininger

"There is not a winter insurmountable, there is not a spring will not come. Victory in this"battle" must be in the near future.

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