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Feininger XPS Foam Board Machine Production Line

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XPS Foam Board Machine's advantage

The Feininger XPS foam board production line boasts high output, low energy consumption, and exceptional efficiency. Benefit from our complimentary technical guidance, leveraging our advanced production technology and extensive experience to enhance your prosperity.

The scientifically designed spiral structure and production line transmission, coupled with an automatic feeding system, ensure a clean workshop environment. The high torque gear transmission minimizes power consumption.

The screw structure is highly effective, facilitating thorough mixing of raw materials without any dead angles. Professional process design for cooling achieves full and uniform cooling, resulting in high efficiency.

XPS Foam Board Machine's advantage

Main features of XPS Machine

The primary application of the XPS foam board production line is for manufacturing XPS foam insulation boards. XPS material offers various advantages, including good elasticity, effective cushioning, softness, non-toxicity, compression resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, and moisture resistance.

The XPS foam board extrusion line is constructed using polystyrene, and the foaming agent is introduced into the XPS machine. The final XPS foam insulation board is produced through specific processes. This insulation board features a closed-cell structure, characterized by its lightweight nature, good strength, effective airtightness, and resistance to aging.

Main features of XPS Machine

Consistent and uniform feeding is the initial phase for producing high-quality goods. All recipe adjustments can be made digitally. Integrated with the DCS intelligent control system, it efficiently oversees production and helps control costs.

Main features of XPS Machine 2

Why choose Feininger's XPS machine?

  • Competitive Pricing

Experience a more favourable pricing advantage with our XPS foam machines, offering the same high quality as European XPS production lines but at a cost that is 10-20% more affordable. In contrast to European XPS extrusion lines, which are constrained to more expensive raw materials, our foam board production line has the flexibility to incorporate 100% recycled materials. Notably, recycling materials like EPS and GPPS proves highly cost-effective in our production process.

  • Eco-Friendly XPS Production

Utilizing CO2 and Alcohol as Blowing Agents. Our XPS extrusion line is designed to employ CO2 and alcohol as blowing agents, enabling the production of XPS foam insulation boards without the use of CFC and HCFC.

  • Experience and Service Excellence

Benefit from our wealth of experience as we optimize your current production line. Additionally, we offer a thoughtful selection of production line specifications tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Over 300 CO2 Foam XPS Machines Deployed Globally

We take pride in the successful delivery of over 300 CO2 foam XPS machines to locations spanning the globe, including Russia, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Romania, UAE, Vietnam, Turkey, Oman, Hungary, and more. The count continues to rise consistently, with new installations occurring almost every week.

  • Leading the Extruded Polystyrene Machine Market in China

In the realm of extruded polystyrene machines, Feininger stands out as a dominant force in the Chinese market. Our strong presence is underscored by collaborations with renowned industry leaders.

  • Versatile Extrusion Options and Flexible Production Capacity

In our initial extruder, we offer the option of using either twin screws or single screws. Our production capacity spans from 200kg per hour to 2000kg per hour, ensuring that we can cater to the diverse requirements of the majority of our customers.

About Feininger- Professional XPS machine supplier

With years of dedication to foam extrusion technology and its industrialization, Feininger, based in China but with a global perspective, has emerged as the foremost supplier of XPS board extrusion lines and XPS insulation boards worldwide. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the successful development of PET foam board extrusion lines, PS baseboard lines, and PS photo frame making machines.

Success in plastic foam extrusion demands both experience and innovation, qualities embodied by Feininger's R&D center. This positions Feininger as a dependable and confident strategic partner for your business. The mention of new foam extrusion technology invariably brings Feininger to the forefront of the conversation.

From initial consultation to the final commissioning, we provide a comprehensive turn-key project solution for foam extrusion plants. Feininger holds ISO9001 and CE certificates, ensuring that our products meet high-quality standards with thoughtful designs.

Our mission is to reach customers worldwide through relentless efforts, allowing them to benefit from our products and services. The primary applications of XPS foam boards include building insulation for walls, roofs, and floors; cold-chain logistics for applications like cold rooms and refrigerator trucks; civil engineering projects such as channels, roads, and railways; interior decoration like partition walls; and agricultural cultivation in structures like greenhouses. Choose Feininger for cutting-edge foam extrusion technology and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

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