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How about XPS foam board prices in market

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xps insulation board price

How to calculate XPS foam board prices?

There are many specifications and models of extruded board, including a variety of thickness, bulk density and flame retardant grade, and the difference in price is mainly affected by bulk density and flame retardancy.

In terms of volume, the price of the XPS foam board with the same flame retardancy, the same bulk density and different thickness is the same; according to the area, the price of the extruded board with the same flame retardancy, the same bulk weight and different thickness is different, the following will talk about the difference according to volume and squre price.

XPS extruded board standard unit weight 30kg/ cubic meters, there is no special description, calculated according to 30kg.The price of extruded board is composed of raw materials, Freon foaming agent, flame retardant, labor electricity loss and so on. Price per square meter of XPS extruded board with different thickness.

(calculated with a standard unit weight of 30 kg, how much is it for class B1 / cubic meter, class B2 / cubic meter and ordinary board?)

PS extruded board price per board with different thickness.

(the standard unit weight is 30 kg, the price of B1 grade extruded board is 1 cubic meter, the price of B2 grade extruded board is 1 cubic meter, the price of ordinary extruded board is 1 cubic meter, the specification of extruded board is 1.2 m long * 0.6 m wide * thickness, the area of extruded board is 0.72 square meters).

Calculate the price of each extruded board with different thickness. The standard specification of the extruded board is 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meters wide. The price of each board is calculated according to this specification. The calculation method is as follows:

1, calculate the volume of a board, such as 50mm thick extruded board, B1 grade, unit weight 30kg, then its price is 360 yuan / cubic meter, its volume is 1.2*0.6*0.05=0.036.

2, calculate how many extruded board there are in 1 cubic meter , and the calculation method is 1/0.036=27.78

3. Calculate the price of a 50mm thick extruded board and divide it by 27.78 directly. 

The Factor of Influencing XPS Foam Board Prices

1.Manufacturing Process

The journey of an XPS foam board begins with the intricate manufacturing process. The extrusion of polystyrene and the subsequent formation of a closed-cell structure contribute to the unique qualities of these boards. However, this process is not without costs, and understanding its nuances is essential to comprehend pricing mechanisms.

2.Raw Materials

The type and quality of raw materials used significantly impact the cost of XPS foam boards. As the prices of raw materials fluctuate, so does the overall cost of production, directly influencing the market price of the final product.

3.Market Demand and Supply

The delicate balance between market demand and supply plays a pivotal role in determining XPS foam board prices. Understanding the dynamics of this relationship provides insights into how market forces shape pricing structures.

4.Energy Costs

Energy consumption is a significant component of XPS foam board production. Fluctuations in energy prices can have a cascading effect on the overall cost, making it imperative to consider energy efficiency and alternative sources.

5.Environmental Regulations

Stringent environmental regulations impact the production processes, adding compliance costs that contribute to the final price of XPS foam boards. Balancing sustainability and affordability becomes a challenge for manufacturers.

6.Technological Advances

In an era of rapid technological progress, innovations in manufacturing can either increase efficiency or add costs. Keeping abreast of technological advances is essential for understanding their impact on XPS foam board prices.

7.Competition in the Industry

A competitive industry landscape prompts companies to adopt diverse pricing strategies. From cost leadership to product differentiation, businesses strive to gain a competitive edge that reflects in the final price of XPS foam boards.

8.Global Economic Trends

The interconnected global economy introduces external factors that influence XPS foam board prices. Economic trends, currency fluctuations, and geopolitical events all contribute to the complex pricing dynamics in the industry.

9.Consumer Preferences

Changing consumer preferences, driven by aesthetics and functionality, play a significant role in shaping product demand. Understanding these preferences is key to anticipating market trends and pricing strategies.

10.Transportation and Logistics

The logistics of transporting XPS foam boards from manufacturers to end-users add to the overall cost. Geography, transportation modes, and fuel prices all contribute to the final pricing structure.

11.Seasonal Variations

Seasonal fluctuations in demand and production can impact XPS foam board prices. Strategies that account for these variations are crucial for businesses to maintain stability in pricing.

12.Future Outlook

Looking ahead, predicting future trends in XPS foam board prices involves considering a multitude of factors. From technological advancements to market shifts, understanding these elements helps in making informed decisions in a dynamic industry.

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