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How Is XPS Extruded Board Produced?

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Extruded plastic board is widely used in major industries by virtue of its superior thermal insulation performance. The production process of extruded board is not particularly complicated, but in order to ensure that the produced extruded board complies with national standards and industry specifications, we must pay attention to all links in the process of producing extruded board.

XPS foam board production line

Generally speaking, the production process of extruded board mainly has the following steps:

First Step

Polystyrene resin, nucleating agent, combustion aid, etc. enter the first-stage plastic extruder through an automatic feeder. This step is mainly a plasticizing process.

Second Step

The raw materials and auxiliary materials are fully plasticized in the extruder before injecting environmentally friendly carbon dioxide foaming agent. The blowing agent is fully mixed with other raw materials in the second-stage extruder and cooled, and then extruded through the die. The second step is mainly the secondary mixing foaming and cooling process.

Third Step

After the die is extruded, the pressure is quickly released, the foaming agent wrapped by the plastic expands rapidly to form closed cells, and under the action of the cells, the polystyrene plastic forms a foamed panel with honeycomb-shaped closed cells.

Fourth Step

Then, the shaping plate is shaped into the required thickness and width through the shaping tractor, and then it can be shaped by cutting. This step mainly controls the width and thickness of the board.

In addition to the main machine, there are various auxiliary equipments in the production process of extruded board, such as surface roughening machine for extruded board, recycling granulator, edge forming machine, slotting machine, automatic packaging machine, etc.

xps foam board extruder line

Feininger independently developed the production line of XPS extruded board equipment, continuously improving and enhancing product performance. The equipment operation is simpler, which simplifies the production process of extruded board, and greatly reduces the operation, maintenance and repair costs of the extruded board equipment production line. The XPS extruded insulation board produced by Feininger has a variety of specifications and various physical properties, and has been unanimously recognized and widely praised by users.

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