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How to Choose PS Decorative Lines?

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Line is one of the important family building materials in home improvement. Line can set off the sense of spatial hierarchy, so it will be used a lot in the overall interior space. PS decorative line is a new type of decorative line made of extruded polystyrene as raw material and produced by extrusion and other processes. It is the latest type of green decorative material popular in the international market. When we buy PS decorative lines, we usually compare the quality of products of the same type, the price of products of the same quality, and the service of the same price. So how do you see the quality of PS decorative lines?

PS Decorative Lines

Firstly, look and smell.The most intuitive is to look at the appearance. A good PS line requires full and natural lines, clear patterns, high gloss, smooth and delicate. The surface is free of impurities, dirt and other problems. In addition, we can smell it after breaking the PS line. The high-quality PS line basically has no taste after breaking it, while the inferior PS decorative line will be affected by the raw materials and other additives, resulting in a pungent plastic smell.

PS Decorative Lines 2  PS Decorative Lines 3

Secondly, look at the density.Saw the section of a line, if the quality of the line is good, the molecular structure of the cut surface is a continuous and uniform closed-cell honeycomb shape. The more continuous and uniform these cells are, the better the quality of the PS decorative line. Products with low density and unstable performance are prone to shrinkage after being pasted and used, resulting in gaps between the lines and the wall.

Third, compare the weight.Relatively speaking, the lines with high product density are relatively heavy and the same product has good toughness, is not easy to deform, and has a long service life. Products with low product density are relatively light and have many pores, which may cause deformation or dents if you are not careful.

PS Decorative Lines 4

Good PS decorative lines should be made of environmentally friendly materials, green raw materials, pollution-free production process, stable chemical properties, good dimensional stability, good waterproof performance, light weight, durability, and environmental protection. There are many kinds of products on the market. When you buy, you can choose a regular manufacturer, so that the product quality can be guaranteed, the specifications are complete, the after-sales service is perfect, and the price is relatively reasonable.

Advantages Feininger of PS crown moulding Cornice :

  1. 100% CO2 Foaming, No- formaldehyde, Eco-friendly.

  2. 2. Light weight, Easy to be installed, Labor cost-Saving.

  3. Waterproof, Moisture proof, Mildew proof and moth proof.

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Feininger (Nanjing) Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader manufacturer of XPS insulation board, under floor heating insulation panel, XPS composite panel, PS decorative material, PS crown cornice, PS skirting mouldings, Ornament mouldings and XPS production lines and etc.

Feininger is specialized in this field for over 21years and has 4 owned factories in China, providing annual millions of cubic meter products for domestic and over 40 countries abroad clients.
We have won ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE certificates which ensure our production under well management and thus guarantee machine/products quality.

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