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How to Distinguish XPS And EPS Board

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What is XPS?

Thermal insulation boards are composed of several materials, such as asbestos boards, polyurethane foam boards, and XPS boards. XPS board refers to a rigid polystyrene foam board produced by direct extrusion.

XPS insulation board application

The role of XPS and some other panels in housing and other construction and engineering fields is thermal insulation. Besides, the XPS insulation board also can be applied to the packaging of goods.

Advantages of XPS insulation board

As thermal insulation and energy-saving material for buildings, XPS panels can significantly reduce fuel consumption (oil, natural gas, etc.) or electricity used for heating. The production process enables these panels to have a small and tight closed molecular structure. This closed structure keeps the heat-conducting gas in a limited space, thereby achieving the effect of heat insulation. This feature also brings impermeability to the board. You can buy XPS in the building materials market, or you can buy XPS extruder for production.

What is EPS?

Although EPS also refers to expanded polystyrene, its molding method is significantly different from XPS.

EPS is pre-mixed with a foaming agent into PS and then pelletized, PS pellets produced contain foaming agent. When an appropriate amount of PS pellets containing foaming agent are put into a predetermined mold for heating, the foaming agent in these particles will be heated and foamed, and finally formed.

EPS is used for thermal insulation of floors, walls, and ceilings. Besides, it is the same as XPS used in civil engineering, earth embankments and highways, and other structures with low bearing capacity. The extrusion process of EPS is different from XPS. EPS is different from XPS in appearance and physical properties, and its thermal insulation effect is also worse than XPS. The bulk density of EPS sheets is usually in the following range: 10-35 kg/m3 (0.62-2.18 lb/ft3).

EPS and XPS comparison
Closed and foamed spherical molecular structureClosed and foamed honeycomb molecular structure
High water absorptionVery low water absorption
Lower capital investmentHigher capital investment
Relatively lightRelatively heavy
Higher production costs (including material costs)Lower production costs
Good dimensional stabilityVery good dimensional stability
Not strong against pressureStrong pressure resistance
High thermal conductivityLow thermal conductivity
Low outputHigher output

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