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Reveal the schematic diagram of the EPP foamed bead production line and understand the characteristic

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EPP foamed bead production line 1


1. Raw materials:

  • EPS is the abbreviation of polystyrene (Expanded Polystyrene), which is made of polystyrene particles by pre-foaming and foaming.

  • EPP is the abbreviation of expanded polypropylene (Expanded Polypropylene), which is made of polypropylene particles by foaming.  

2. Density:

  • EPS is relatively low, generally between 15-30 kg / m3.

  • EPP is relatively high, generally between 20-100kg / m3.

Because EPP has higher density, it has better energy absorption and impact resistance in some applications.

3. Impact resistance:

  • EPS is poor and it is easy to crack or break.

  • EPP has excellent impact resistance and can remain intact and not easy to break even under strong impact.

This makes EPP widely used in automobile, sporting goods and other fields.

4. Machinability:

  • EPS is easy to process and can be made into various shapes through moulds.

  • EPP is difficult to process, but various complex three-dimensional shapes can be made by thermoforming and cutting.

5. Environmental protection:

  • A large number of organic solvents will be produced in the production process of EPS. EPS, which will have a certain impact on the environment.

  • EPP does not need to use organic solvents in the production process, so it has little impact on the environment, and EPP itself can be recycled with good sustainability.

What are the advantages of Feininger's EPP bead foam?

It has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity, earthquake resistance and compression resistance, high deformation recovery rate, good absorption performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to various chemical solvents, non-water absorption, insulation, heat resistance (- 40 ℃, 130 ℃), non-toxic and tasteless, 100% recycling and almost no reduction in performance. it is a real environment-friendly foam. Through a specific proportion, various colors of PP particles are obtained. After foaming treatment, PP particles with various ratios were obtained. Finally, the EPP product is obtained by using the mold in the manufacturing factory.

EPP foamed bead production line 2

Why choose Feininger's EPP bead foam production line?

Jiangsu Polymer Physics foaming Engineering and Technology Center, which belongs to Faninger Co., Ltd., developed supercritical CO2 single machine to complete the production of EPP foamed beads at one time, controlling the production cost by 70% of the original production process cost.

Compared with the traditional autoclave production method, this set of technical scheme has the advantages of less investment, simple production equipment and short investment recovery, which provides an easy investment scheme for upstream and downstream industries, and obtains a rapid return on investment.

As a result, enterprises can provide EPP parts at more competitive prices while supporting the use of easily recycled polyolefin applications. Other benefits include complete control over the characteristics of EPP, such as bulk density, closed pore content and bead size distribution, as well as maximum flexibility in fine-tuning formulations.

Moreover, the highly automated process reduces maintenance requirements and simplifies operations. In addition, extruded beads can then be easily processed in a steam box molding machine at standard steam pressure to obtain molded bead foam products with specific shapes.

Fanning EPP supercritical CO2 one-time foaming technology is a major technological breakthrough, so that the development of the industry has a qualitative leap.

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